What We Do

Training Leaders International exists to establish and strengthen local churches and their leaders around the world. The growing gap in theological education leaves the global church susceptible to false teaching, decay, and collapse. We offer solid training that is culturally appropriate, effective, and reproducible.


Around the world, there are 2.2 million evangelical churches. 85% are led by pastors with no formal theological training.

5 million

The estimated number of pastors in the 10/40 window with no access to any kind of formal biblical training.


If every Christian training institute in the world operated at 120% capacity, less than 10% of the unequipped leaders would be trained.


Every day, 174,000 people become Christians. Every year, 50,000 new churches open their doors.

Throughout the world, there are millions of pastors who are doing the difficult work of leading the church with little to no theological training. A growing gap in theological education leaves the global church susceptible to false teaching, decay, and collapse. Without solid discipleship, training, and leadership, the church falters. False teaching leads the people astray, new Christians never move beyond spiritual milk to solid food, and the church becomes immature, weak, and barren. Training Leaders International intends to play a unique role in addressing this problem.

Training Leaders International mentors and sends pastors, seminary professors, and graduate students to bring theological education around the world through modular training, long-term sending to seminaries and international churches, and school planting.


Modular Training

We send teachers on recurring short-term trips to train church leaders around the world in non-formal and formal school settings.


Long-Term Sending

Our global partners serve as administrators, professors, and teachers in international churches and schools around the world.



In conjunction with local churches and missionaries, we plant new seminaries to meet specific needs of the church or area.


Modular Training

We send teachers on short-term trips to train church leaders around the world. We also train diaspora pastors and leaders in the United States and Canada. We teach these pastors and leaders in non-formal settings using a 3-year TLI curriculum or in formal school settings at Christian universities and colleges.


Long-Term Sending

Long-term commitments have developed from our short-term trips. Our global partners serve as administrators, professors, teachers, and pastors. TLI helps prepare them for teaching cross-culturally and provides mentors.


School Planting

The schools that we help start are committed to academic excellence and hands on mentoring. All of our schools are started in conjunction with local church leaders and missionaries on the field.


This year over 1,000 leaders are taking part in training, potentially impacting 100,000 people through their ministry.


Number of teams sent to 25 locations.


In partnership with national leaders, we have planted 3 degree-granting schools that train pastors.


Number of pastors and teachers we need to send this year on short-term teams.

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I Understand

We are excited to announce that Duane Tweeten has been named the second president of Training Leaders International.

Duane and Darren

Duane joined TLI in 2012 as an International Trainer after serving as a pastor for seventeen years. He then became the Lead International Trainer, then VP for Theological Education. For the past few years, he has run the day-to-day operations as the Executive Vice President of TLI. He is loved by the staff and our partners around the world. Darren Carlson is remaining at TLI with the title of International Director and Founder.

TLI's mission remains unchanged. Since 2009 we have sought to train pastors and leaders around the world, partnering with local leaders who have invited us to provide the theological training pastors and leaders desperately need. Thank you for partnering with us to strengthen churches around the world by training her leaders.