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For Churches

Churches play a vital role in the ministry of Training Leaders International as we bring theological training to pastors around the world. We partner with many local churches in a variety of ways to fulfill our mission.


Send Qualified Teachers

The leaders in your church most likey have more formal theological training than the majority of churches around the world. Send them on a short-term trip with Training Leaders International.


Send Global Partners

There is no such thing as a self-sent global partner. It is the church’s role to commend and send people.


Sponsor a Site

Churches can sponsor sites by paying for the costs for us to train the pastors or by banding together with other churches to provide all the trainers for the site over a 3-year period.


Support a Project

You have the opportunity to invest in the translation of our curriculum or theological journal as well as other specific projects.

I love the goal of international, Christ-exalting, theological famine relief. And I love the way God has raised up Training Leaders Int’l to meet that need with real-live, Spirit-filled, human teachers, on the ground, face-to-face with pastors and Christian leaders who have little or no opportunity for in-depth theological training. May the Word of the Lord run and be glorified!

John Piper / Desiring God

The vision of Training Leaders International brings biblical and theological content to the people best positioned to pass it on to others. Most forms of short-term mission are fraught with troubling downsides, but this pattern of transferring serious theological nourishment is enriching both parties to the glory of God.

D.A. Carson / Trinity Evangelical Divinity School

As a staff, we are committed not only to training pastors around the world, but discipling young leaders and pastors in the US who have a desire to serve cross-culturally, but have very little experience. Our goal is to equip people to be able to use their gifts cross-culturally in an effective manner. We are constantly focusing our attention outward in order to raise up new people to train and equip underserved pastors.

Darren Carlson / Training Leaders International