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What We Believe

Training Leaders International was started in 2009 as a ministry of Bethlehem Baptist Church with the intent of mentoring and sending seminary students overseas to provide theological education in places where it is lacking. Today, TLI is training over 1,000 leaders globally, sending people around the world, and has planted three degree-granting schools that train pastors.


Training Leaders International exists to establish and strengthen local churches and their leaders around the world.


With the rapid expansion of Christianity in the Southern and Eastern Hemispheres, the migration of Christians to the west, coupled with the challenges many Christians face worldwide, the church lacks well-trained teachers where they are needed the most.

Training Leaders International intends to play a unique role in addressing the need for trained leaders. First, we seek out trained pastors, seminary professors and future evangelical leaders enrolled in graduate schools. Those whom we send to teach in our modular programs and schools are mentored and sent to different locations around the world where TLI has formed a partnership and is training pastors. Qualified leaders mentor the teachers we send, helping them with their lessons and their mindset as they minister in a cross-cultural context. Every trip is done at the request of, in cooperation with, and in submission to local national leaders, theological institutions, and churches. For students in non-formal settings, TLI has developed a flexible, efficient, and reproducible curriculum designed for pastors and church leaders who have limited or no theological training. TLI also partners with schools and provides teachers for modular courses in accredited degree-granting institutions.

Training Leaders International also serves as a sending agency for those interested in teaching overseas, planting theological schools and serving in international churches. Our global partners are administrators, professors, trainers, school planters, and international church pastors. As an agency, we work directly with sending churches to equip and send qualified people to serve internationally.



We serve local churches, denominations and global workers who see Training Leaders International as an effective way to meet the lack of theological teaching. We serve under the direction of national pastors. We hope to not only train local leaders, but also refresh and encourage missionaries who are unable to experience this kind of training.


Teaching goes both ways. While Training Leaders International seeks to meet the need for theological education, there is clearly much to be learned from pastors who have cared for their people over a long period of time. We hope that teachers who travel to various places around the world will learn from the very pastors they have been sent to teach.


Training Leaders International will teach local pastors with the idea that they will in turn be able to train others. Our end goal in all of our training opportunities is to raise up pastors who can train others.

Statement of Faith

Training Leaders International has adopted The Gospel Coalition’s Confessional Statement. All of our board members, teachers, mentors, and sent global partners must joyfully subscribe to this statement. Read the statement.