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Join Training Leaders International on a journey that will equip pastors, strengthen churches, and fulfill the Great Commission. God can use you as a volunteer training partner with TLI to make a lasting impact. Our training is Word-driven, skill-oriented, and partner-focused. We believe God's Word has the power to transform hearts and lives. And we are committed to training pastors around the world to interpret and teach the Scriptures faithfully.

For the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the LORD

Habakkuk 2:14



Our modular curriculum is committed to helping trainees understand the Bible so that they might glorify God, have a greater love for him, and develop disciples for Jesus Christ.



Our training emphasizes skills to correctly understand and declare the Scriptures. Our desire is for all of our participants to not only learn, but to effectively communicate the Word to their congregations.



We serve alongside national church leaders and promote lasting partnerships with domestic and international congregations. The training is designed to be accessible, structured, and replicable.

If your heart's desire is to see pastors and ministry leaders grow in their understanding of the Word and the ability to exposit the Word of God clearly, I would encourage you to look at TLI. They make the Word of God central to equipping and preparing ministry leaders throughout the world.

Pastor Rick Steen / Volunteer Training Partner

Sincerely, we feel the need to present the Word in a more faithful way. And I believe that TLI, has shared tools for what we teach, that are useful so that we can be faithful to that call that we have received from the Lord.

Our vision is to see future generations. We trust that God wants to reach future generations. We want to train them so that they can become the workers, the missionaries that God will use to impact not only our country and the community, but the whole world.

Pastor Orlando / El Salvador

TLI's vision and approach are having a worldwide impact in training Christians for leadership. And the flow of blessing is proving to be two-way: those who travel to train others also find themselves transformed. The result is strengthened leadership on both the "sending" and "receiving" ends. The whole church is built up in knowledge, in service, in worship, and in unity. I thank God for this significant ministry and movement.

Robert Yarbrough / Covenant Seminary

The vision of Training Leaders International brings biblical and theological content to the people best positioned to pass it on to others. Most forms of short-term mission are fraught with troubling downsides, but this pattern of transferring serious theological nourishment is enriching both parties to the glory of God.

D.A. Carson / Trinity Evangelical Divinity School


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