Volume 1.1/

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Introducing the Journal of Global Christianity

Darren Carlson

Ministry Training: A Delicate and Difficult Service

Dave Deuel

Genesis and the Vietnamese Story of Origins: Conversion and Cultural Identity

Daniel C. Owens

The Law and the Christian

Thomas R. Schreiner and Aubrey M. Sequeira

Ibia J'ikenge: A Man's Man Among Benga

Mary Cloutier

Jesus’ Kingly Blessings for the Nations: A Missiological Understanding of Matthew 1:1

Dieudonné Tamfu
Report from the Field

University Student Ministry Flourishing on the Arabian Peninsula

Andrew Parker
Closing Editorial

Three Influences in the Training of Paul, the Missionary Apostle

H.H. Drake Williams, III
Book Review

The Lord’s Supper As A Means of Grace: More than a Memory

J. Ryan Davidson
Book Review

Journey Toward Justice: Personal Encounters in the Global South

Matthew W. Manry
Book Review

Missions and Money: Revised and Expanded

Travis L. Myers
Book Review

Christ and Reconciliation

Christopher G. Woznicki
Book Review

From Every Tribe and Nation: A Historian’s Discovery of the Global Christian Story

Steve Krogh
Book Review

Whose Religion is Christianity? The Gospel beyond the West

Travis L. Myers

Nurturing Faith in Families: The Necessity for Finnish Parents to Reclaim their Part of the Mission of Making Disciples

Tommi Koivunen

The Problem Of Evil And Suffering: Toward A Contextualized Ewe Christian Theodicy

Vandyck Ishmael Lomotey

Local Church Leadership: The Christian Leader in the Graeco-Roman Culture of Ephesus

Jens Möckel

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