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Global Partner Reference

Global Partner (Missionary) Reference

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Enter the name of the TLI applicant for whom you are providing a reference:*
In what capacity have you known the applicant?*
How long have you known the applicant?*
If you taught them in an academic setting, was the applicant a faithful and diligent student? Did they demonstrate a love for learning?
As far as you have observed, does the applicant have the gift of teaching? Can you describe their style?*
For male: As far as you have observed, do you believe the applicant meets the qualifications for an elder described in Scripture, but particularly in 1 Timothy and Titus 1?

For female: Is the applicant a godly woman?*

Please describe how the applicant interacts with others, especially those in authority over and under them.:*
Do you know the applicant well enough to identify strengths and weaknesses? If so, please elaborate.:*
Did the applicant earn your respect, and the respect of his peers?*
Have you observed the applicant within the ministry of a local church? If so, in what ways have they served/contributed? Were they fruitful?*
Have you observed the applicant teaching or serving cross-culturally? What were your impressions?*
Would you recommend the applicant for a teaching position?*