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Contributions By: Darren Carlson


Global Christianity and the Reformed Evangelicals

This past summer 1,000 young leaders and mentors from over 140 countries for the 2016 Lausanne Younger Leaders Gathering in Jakarta, Indonesia. Formed by Billy Graham and John Stott in 1974, Lausanne is the heir of the Edinburgh missions conference of 1910, and has held conferences and consultations since its founding. It’s original purpose is expressed in the Lausanne Covenant and further expanded in  […]

Encouraging Women to Do Biblical Studies at the Graduate Level

When I was in seminary, a godly woman recounted to a few of us how she had been asked multiple times by male students why she, as a woman, had come to seminary. The questioning was aggressive in nature, not for general understanding. Another woman recounted how a passive-aggressive but zealous seminary student wrote a long message one early morning on the white  […]

Introducing the Journal of Global Christianity

It has been well documented that Christianity's center of gravity has shifted away from Western countries toward the South and East. Those who have studied this movement are typically referring to the sheer number conversions in Africa, Asia and South America. What they are not referring to is educational opportunities and well-trained theologians.

The lag between the explosive church growth and training accentuates the need  […]

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