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What We Do

Training Leaders International mentors and sends pastors, seminary professors and graduate students to bring theological education around the world through short-term trips, long-term sending and school planting.

Why We Do It

Despite Christianity’s explosive growth in the developing world, there is a serious lack of trained, theologically educated leaders. We hope to bridge that gap.

You Can Help

Go as a teacher, sponsor a pastor, support our teams or send a global partner to bring education and experience to future evangelical leaders across the world.

Journal of Global Christianity - Call For Papers
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Jun 21, 2016
Sorry about the lack of updates.  We’ve had a combination of late nights (crusades until 10 or 11pm) and lack of internet at one of the two hotels we are using.  Everything ... More
Editor's note: Missiologist Craig Ott warns against supporting pastors in foreign countries. The pitfalls are many. We asked Vijay Meesala, an Indian ministry leaders who ... More
Continuing on with my posts on African women in theological education, I want to look at some of the biblical basis given by pastors who argue that ... More
India / Highlands July 2016
Jul 22 - Aug 6, 2016
Tanzania Aug 2016
Aug 5-14, 2016
Haiti Aug 2016 A
Aug 6-13, 2016
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