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What We Do

Training Leaders International mentors and sends pastors, seminary professors and graduate students to bring theological education around the world through short-term trips, long-term sending and school planting.

Why We Do It

Despite Christianity’s explosive growth in the developing world, there is a serious lack of trained, theologically educated leaders. We hope to bridge that gap.

You Can Help

Go as a teacher, sponsor a pastor, support our teams or send a global partner to bring education and experience to future evangelical leaders across the world.

Journal of Global Christianity - Call For Papers
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May 4, 2016
  It is the rainy season in Uganda. Periodic downpours occur of a torrential nature, and following each downpour, the mosquitos swarm. Electricity is unreliable and the humidity is ... More
Previously, I claimed that good contextualization requires two things: humility and hutzpah. In this post, we want to ask a simple question, How are we doing? ... More
Contextualization requires character more than competence. Too few people talk about this. As a result, all discussion focuses on (important) intellectual issues but rarely is consideration ... More
Uganda (Gulu) May 2016
May 11-22, 2016
Serbia May 2016
May 16-20, 2016
Philippines May 2016
May 20-29, 2016
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