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Contributions By: Baiyu Andrew Song


Christ Against Culture? A Re-Evaluation Of Wang Mingdao’s Popular Theology

In a 2004 interview, Pastor Samuel Lamb (1924–2013) of Canton mentions the Tiananmen Square Uprising of 1989. At the time, people from his congregation asked him as their pastor to join them in the demonstration, but Pastor Lamb refused. He later told local police––who met with Lamb to require his house church to register––that he was not opposing the government or being an anti-revolutionary. Lamb paid  […]

“To the Joy of the Church, and the Honour of Christ”: A Case Study of Personal Evangelism in Early Chinese Mission[1]


1. Introduction

The year 2007 marked the bicentennial of the arrival of Robert Morrison (1782–1834)—the first Protestant missionary to China—at Macau. As part of its celebration, many Christian churches and academic institutes, both in China and overseas, organized conferences and publications. Dis- appointedly, in the year 2013 very few remembered and celebrated the bicentennial of  […]

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