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Volume 2/Issue 1/February 2016


Encouraging Women to Do Biblical Studies at the Graduate Level

When I was in seminary, a godly woman recounted to a few of us how she had been asked multiple times by male students why she, as a woman, had come to seminary. The questioning was aggressive in nature, not for general understanding. Another woman recounted how a passive-aggressive but zealous seminary student wrote a long message one early morning on the white  […]


Evaluating a Response to the Refugee Crisis through a Biblical Theological Lens: Perspectives from the Epistle of James

As I write from my office in the Netherlands, Europe is in the midst of a great demographical change. Refugees are entering this continent at a rate like never before from Syria, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Eritrea, Mali, Gambia, Nigeria, Somalia, and other countries. It is estimated that 7,000 refugees had been arriving per day during the fall of 2015 on the Greek islands. Europe has received  […]

Pursuing Integrated Identity in Christ in Ministry to Muslims

1. Introduction

Many Muslims have come to faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior in our generation— God be praised. Duane Miller and Patrick Johnstone have completed an exhaustive, country-by-country count of believers in Christ from a Muslim background. They estimated there are 10,284,200 of these believers in 2010.[1] Many of Christ’s servants have labored sacrificially in our  […]

Does the Old Testament “Authorize” A Creation Care Mission of the Institutional Church? Examining Christopher Wright’s Claims

Christopher Wright is one of the leading evangelical voices advocating creation care. Through his many publications, through his work with the Lausanne Movement, and through his position as John Stott’s successor as head of the Langham Partnership International, Wright’s views exert a wide influence. Concerning creation care, Wright believes “justice towards the earth and entire cosmos forms an integral part of the mission of the  […]

New Trajectories and Old Patterns: Hermeneutics and Same-Sex Advocacy

1. Introduction

In a time long ago and in a place faraway I debated those who defended women’s ordination. My fundamental argument in the debate then (and I still make the same argument by the way) was the argument from creation. I would argue that women should not serve as pastors or elders or overseers since God, according to 1  […]

Report from the Field

Reflections on Our One-Year Anniversary

On 03 December, 2014, our family of five flew from Minneapolis, MN (in the United States) to our new home in Kampala, Uganda (in East Africa). Now, after 13 months, we want to share a few reflections on what we’ve experienced as a family called to serve in cross-cultural theological education. We work at Africa Renewal University, an accredited Christian University whose mission is “To  […]

Approaches to Ministry

The Universal Questions Muslims Ask


Understanding between Christians and Muslims is of great importance in the global community. As a result of recent events in Syria, Somalia, Nigeria, France, Belgium, and the United States, there is fear and confusion. Christians who are interested in grasping why recent events have taken place, and how to understand Muslims, will need to look beyond the sound bites  […]

Book Reviews