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Volume 1/Issue 1/February 2015


Introducing the Journal of Global Christianity

It has been well documented that Christianity's center of gravity has shifted away from Western countries toward the South and East. Those who have studied this movement are typically referring to the sheer number conversions in Africa, Asia and South America. What they are not referring to is educational opportunities and well-trained theologians.

The lag between the explosive church growth and training accentuates the need  […]


Ministry Training: A Delicate and Difficult Service

A little known fact about Spurgeon, one that may surprise us, is the priority he gave to training for teaching and preaching ministries. A pastor essentially self-taught, Spurgeon regarded his training ministry as “my life’s labor and delight—a labor for which all my other work is but a platform—a delight superior even to that afforded by my ministerial success.”[1] That is why at the age of  […]

Genesis and the Vietnamese Story of Origins: Conversion and Cultural Identity

A story of ancient telling, under blue sky were only two
Lạc Long Quân and Âu CÆ¡ met together on the earth
People began to love, a hundred eggs were born
Fifty went up to the mountains, fifty down to the deep sea
The ocean bears the hand of father Dragon
The face of the deserted earth, mother Âu CÆ¡  […]

The Law and the Christian

We live in a day of unprecedented gospel advance among the nations. The 20th century has seen an explosive growth of Christianity in what has been termed the “Global South.”[1] In this season of growth, pastors, theologians, and missionaries are faced with several questions, new and old, of how the Scriptures must be contextualized in diverse cultures and communities. Amidst many novel issues, one  […]

Ibia J'ikenge: A Man's Man Among Benga

Historical Background

Mary Henrietta Kingsley listened with rapt attention as the aging Benga pastor described what his people once were: a powerful and proud nation among the many peoples of Equatorial West Africa.  It was 1895, and the famed British traveler was visiting the island of Corisco, gathering scientific data on indigenous fish species, and also recording interesting details on the  […]

Jesus’ Kingly Blessings for the Nations: A Missiological Understanding of Matthew 1:1

In his introduction (Matt 1:1),[1] Matthew portrays a twin ancestry of Christ Jesus as the Son of David and the Son of Abraham. Jesus’ two ancestral links become central themes that Matthew develops throughout the book. Matthew 28:18–20 is the climax of these themes and their missiological application. My aim is to demonstrate that Matthew’s epilogue (28:18–20) is the sum and zenith of the twin  […]

Report from the Field

University Student Ministry Flourishing on the Arabian Peninsula

As the call to prayer blares from the centrally located mosque on campus, 20 University students are gradually filling a large study room in the library for a weekly Bible discussion. It's just one of three that happen on this campus each week. But what's particularly striking about this group is that the majority of those in attendance are Muslims. The third weekly  […]

Closing Editorial

Three Influences in the Training of Paul, the Missionary Apostle

One of the great needs in world evangelism today is the training of Christian leaders. This comes to the forefront in one of the most important works in world mission today, Operation World. The book provides extensive information about countries, spiritual interest, statistics of the church, and then specific needs for prayer in each country. In the foreword before the author Jason  […]

Book Reviews


Nurturing Faith in Families: The Necessity for Finnish Parents to Reclaim their Part of the Mission of Making Disciples

By: Tommi Koivunen, MET. Tyndale Theological Seminary (2014)

This thesis investigates the role of the parents in the disciple-making of children in a contemporary Finnish context. It suggests that in a successful intergenerational faith transmission process (1) Christian parents are the primary socialization agents and (2) biblical childrearing principles and practices should be used.

During the last one hundred years Finnish society has transformed from traditional Christianity to a secular and pluralistic direction. The  […]

The Problem Of Evil And Suffering: Toward A Contextualized Ewe Christian Theodicy

By: V and yck Ishmael Lomotey, MET. Tyndale Theological Seminary (2014)

The problem of evil and suffering constitutes an enigma people everywhere and every religious system must deal with. It poses a particular challenge to the Christian theist who holds the existence of a wholly good, omnipotent, and omniscient God. This raises the question: "If God is wholly good and omnipotent, why is there the existence of evil?" In the Ewe worldview, the discussion takes on a supernatural dimension because evil  […]

Local Church Leadership: The Christian Leader in the Graeco-Roman Culture of Ephesus

By: Jens Möckel, MET. Tyndale Theological Seminary (2014)

This thesis is an attempt to provide an answer to the question: "Should Christian leadership be informed and shaped by other, non-biblical sources?" To achieve a biblically informed opinion, this thesis seeks to elucidate Paul's perspective on leadership for the Christian leader in the Graeco-Roman culture of Ephesus by investigating three spheres of leadership within Graeco-Roman society,  […]