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Training Leaders International has created a flexible, efficient and reproducible curriculum designed for pastors and church leaders with limited theological training.

Curriculum Table


Instead of pastors traveling to a school for training, we bring the school to the pastors. Our mobile curriculum allows pastors to continue serving their churches without interruption.


The TLI curriculum is reproducible, so the pastors we train can go on to train other pastors. It is a simple way to multiply our efforts (2 Timothy 2:2) and help pastors around the world fulfill their duty (Ephesians 4:11–12). 

Modular Training

Our curriculum is built in small, manageable pieces. Pastors are trained for one-week sessions, three times per year over three to four years. This way pastors can be trained without missing a Sunday at their church. 

Group Size

The curriculum is designed for small groups of 12–15 people. We want to encourage a teaching atmosphere where sharing and interaction is part of the process.


The TLI curriculum is structured in the following manner: core courses (composed of foundational courses and books of the Bible), and electives. The three foundational courses are Hermeneutics, Biblical Theology, and Attributes of God. After the foundational courses, the rest of the core courses are books of the Bible where the goal is to help the students interpret passages in context (historical and literary) and be able to prepare and preach expository sermons.

Making an Impact

One pastor leads a church of 500 and told us hermeneutics opened his eyes to things he did not know were in the Bible.

An associate pastor who works part-time applied what he learned immediately and was surprised at how much it changed his sermon for that Sunday.

One student confessed that his denomination believes that the louder a preacher is the more anointing that person has. Now he understands the need to interpret the Bible for his church.

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