Level 2 Global Partner Application Form

Thank you for your interest in being sent by Training Leaders International. We are eager to see whom the Lord calls to help provide theological education to the nations.

This is a level two application for mid-term and long-term missionaries. Filling out this application is the part of the process of being appointed to serve with TLI. If you have any questions, you can contact Bruce Brandenburg by phone or email. May God give you wisdom to discern His vocational calling on your life!

You can save this form online as a draft and log back in at a later time to complete it before final submission. You can also print or save this form as a PDF file for offline reference, and then return later to complete the online version.


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Personal Information

Full Legal Name

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Please answer all the following questions. This questionnaire is meant to help us know you and serve you well as you consider serving cross-culturally. None of these questions are meant to condemn you or make you feel disqualified to serve. They are meant to help us serve you.

Background Questions

List any known personal medical problems and give details.:*
Have you ever been treated for mental illness? If so, please describe.:*
Are you satisfied or dissatisfied with your current work situation? Please describe.:*
Are your parents:*
If divorced or separated, what age were you when this occurred.:*
If you were adopted, has this created any personal struggles for you? If so, please describe.:
Was alcohol used in your home when you were growing up?*
Was alcohol abused in your home?*
If yes, please describe:
Have you struggled in the past and/or do you currently struggle with low self-esteem, self-doubting or feelings of inadequacy or inferiority?*
If yes, please describe:

The following questions have you sharing personal info which relates to areas of sexuality. Our hope is to assess any need for help, to direct you to resources, forgiveness and restoration and help equip you for serving cross-culturally. We appreciate you answering these honestly. Your answers will be kept completely confidential.

Have you had a past or current involvement in pornography?*
If yes, describe any current struggle. Is this something you need help with right now?
Have you ever had a homosexual experience or attraction?*
If yes, please describe:
Have you ever been accused of sexual harassment?*
If yes, please describe.:
Since married (if married), have you had a sexual experience with someone other than your spouse?
If yes, please describe.:

Marital History

How long have you been married to your present spouse?
In what areas are you compatible with each other?
In what areas are you not compatible?
Rate your marital satisfaction.:
Please describe.:
List children, by age and name (including any from former marriages).:

Self Description

What do you see as your strengths? Please be as specific as you can, and include character traits, skills, etc.:*
What do you believe are your weaknesses, the areas of greatest need for personal growth? Please be as specific as you can.:
When under stress, what behaviors tend to emerge, both desirable and undesirable?
List your hobbies and interests - what do you do when you have discretionary time available? After listing them, describe your current ability to make time for these things.:

Spiritual History

Describe your relationship with Jesus Christ.:
Why are you interested in ministry, particularly in living and ministering cross-culturally?

Serving Cross-Culturally

How important do you view language learning for yourself, your spouse, and your children?*
What are some steps you plan to take to become culturally relevant in your target area (country)?*
How can you as a educated, affluent Christian from a westernized nation relate to an often poorly educated, partially literate society?*
What plans do you have to provide spiritual growth for your family, besides family devotions and teaching times within the family unit?*
Are you aware of and have you acquired the basic skills to be able to live, function and thrive in your host country? (water purification, sanitation, sporadic electricity - running a generator-, dealing with
different parasites, insects. and pests, familiarity with basic handyman skills, etc.).:*

What are your plans for the education of your children (or future children)?*
How will your educational decisions help your children adjust socially, physically, and intellectually to their new home and country?*
How are the present decisions you are making prepare your children for their likely transition back into the educational system of their passport culture?*
Who do you think will be and should be your closest friends for you, your wife, and your children?*
How do you plan to recharge and rejuvenate as an individual, a couple, and as a family on the mission field?*
What do you do presently to maintain your physical health and that of your family? How will it be different on the mission field (your target area)?*

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