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Training Leaders International wants to partner with local churches, denominations, missionaries and organizations across the world that suffer from a lack of theological training. We exist to serve you.

We want this to be a mutually beneficial partnership. While delivering much needed theological training is our primary goal, we realize that learning happens both ways and we want our teachers to learn from your experienced local leaders. We also put a priority on cross-cultural sensitivity and will heavily rely on your local leaders to apply the training to your own cultural setting.

The first step to forming a partnership with Training Leaders International is to fill out our Ministry Questionnaire below. This will give us an opportunity to learn more about what you do. After receiving a questionnaire we will contact you for more details. A more detailed application will follow, as well as a required on-site visit.

Ministry Questionnaire

Contact Name
Email Address
Phone Number
Ministry Mailing Address
What country are you located in?
Are you a missionary or a national leader?
What ministry/denomination do you serve with?
What is the vision and purpose of your ministry?
What is the doctrinal stance that under girds your ministry?
Do you have precise dates in mind for this trip? If so, what are they?
Are you with a formal school?
If so, which one?
Are you able to cover any of the cost of the trip?
How long will our team need to be with you?
What is the best way to contact you?
Any additional comments