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Ghana June 2015 with Community Life Church

Undisclosed Location June 18-28, 2015

We are partnering with Community Life Church to train pastors in Ghana.

Follow along as teachers in the field offer their experiences as they share theological training with local church leaders.

Jun  25th,  2015Wednesday

(A post from Bob Jones)


During a break, a student asked me, “Mr. Bob is it OK for me to have a mentor that is not a Christian?”


Teaching Genesis here has been so much more than the academics of a Bible Survey Class. These men and women have a sincere passion for God. Equipping them to become teachers and pastors who are able to present a lesson or message with specific application in their culture and home church is incredibly rewarding. In addition their openness and desire to learn is inspiring. The mutual respect between myself and the students have led to a number of encounters like the one above. I have taught on some level all of my adult life. This is the first time I have had students ask if I could stay longer so that they could study more.


The educational need is indeed great. Teaching with TLI has been extremely rewarding. It has warmed my heart to see so much accomplished for God’s kingdom in such a short time. I am so grateful for this opportunity to serve.

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Jun  24th,  2015Tuesday

(A post from Craig Steedley)

The students here at our trainings in Ghana are incredible. They have a great hunger to be taught Biblical truths and how they can apply it as they teach others.  The greatest challenge for me is to quickly assess their knowledge level and adapt the curriculum to match their need.  The students have given much in the way of discussions and most of them have a sound basis in theology.  I have learned much from them as they have compared and contrasted their culture with Biblical truths.  The experience of teaching Biblical truths is second to none and has been beneficial to me and I hope it has for them.

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Jun  23rd,  2015Beginning of Ghana Trip

We were slightly worried with Tropical Storm Bill going through Dallas where we planned to meet last Wednesday.  Fortunately after several flight delays and cancellations the last person arrived in Dallas at 1AM Thursday just in time to meet the rest of the team at the airport at 7:30am.


Saturday we did our first task here in Ghana, a crusade at a location known for heavy drug and alcohol use.  In Ghana we use crusades to help prepare for a new church plant.  Sunday we preached at seven churches and did another crusade Sunday night.


Monday we started classes.  We are teaching Genesis 1-11.  I was encouraged by how much students retained from previous classes.  The students were answering questions with information they received from Attributes of God (taught January 2014), Hermeneutics (taught June 2014), and Biblical Theology (taught January 2015).


Please pray for how the students and teachers handle the heat.  On Monday the temperatures were over 100 degrees with high humidity, teaching in classrooms with no electricity.  As the temperatures get higher you can see it sapping the energy of both students and teachers.

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