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Ghana Winter 2015 with Community Life Church

Undisclosed Location January, 2015

We are partnering with Community Life Church to train pastors in Ghana.

Follow along as teachers in the field offer their experiences as they share theological training with local church leaders.

Jan  25th,  2015Leaving

We are a couple of hours away from leaving Ghana.  Sunday morning we were in the capital of Ghana, Accra where we preached at four different churches (which included officiating at one wedding and accidently slaying one person in the spirit).  Today our national organizer recieved at least two phone calls that I know of from pastors who had been to our training begging him to allow them to invite people to our next training in June.  It is tough to turn people away but logistically we cannot handle more students right now. 


Friday we traveled to some of the churches started by the students.  Since June, 5 new churches have been planted in the area and 4 of them were by our students.  The national organizer knows of at least 5 more students who are actively planning on planting a church before next June.  Few people in the area ever change churches, so these church plants depend on evangelism to grow.  I am excited to see the growth of the church in Northern Ghana when I return in June.

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Jan  21st,  2015Wednesday

Twice today I had students from someone else's class come up to me during break.  Completely unbidden they wanted to thank me for teaching them last year.  Without any prompting from me, they wanted me to know that they were passing along what they learned from us last year to others.  I pray that all our students will think like these two and use their training to build up the church here in Ghana.

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Jan  20th,  2015A Thirst for Training

We have a student attended the first two lessons we taught here in Ghana: Attributes of God and Hermeneutics.  Since we last taught in June, he moved to a place which is 14 hours by bus away.  Because he moved, our national organizer did not contact him about the training we are doing now in January.  The national organizer soon learned of his mistake as he received a call from one upset person.  Even though he had to travel 14 hours by bus to get to the training he made it a priority to be here for the class we are now teaching on Biblical Theology. 


Why did he commit to a long journey and spending a week away from home?  In his own words, he cannot get the training he receives here anywhere else so a minor inconvenience isn't even worth mentioning.  To me the amazing part is not how far he traveled (in a bus with no air-conditioning in 100 degree Fahrenheit weather I might add) but how he doesn't even consider it a hardship or sacrifice because of what he is receiving in return.

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