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Romania Spring 2014

Iasi, Romania May 16-24, 2014

TLI has started a partnership with the local evangelical Romanian churches in the second largest city of Romania, Iasi (with aprox half a million people). Even though this area has one of the largest number of Eastern Orthodox believers and churches, most of these people don't have a personal relationship with Christ and don't know the Gospel. Tradition rules over the knowledge of the Scriptures and the Gospel of grace is unknown. Our Evangelical brothers and sisters from Iasi (who are up to aprox 2000 people) face trials both from within (legalism, lack of knowing theology, bad leadership) and outside (spiritual warfare, traditions, rejection from the majority of the population). Hence, God opened a door for TLI to come alongside some of the leaders of these churches and encourage them to be faithful in their calling, training and equipping them in handling the Word of God in a Christ-centered way. Please pray for us and come with us to be blessed and be a blessing for the believers in Iasi, Romania!

Follow along as teachers in the field offer their experiences as they share theological training with local church leaders.

Field Notes   Romania Spring 2014

May  24th,  2014Preaching: The Final Exam

This week has been a blessing to both teachers and class. All presented their texts with faithful precision to the Apostle John's intention. Each examined and delivered the message of the Deity of Christ for those who would believe. Our afternoon lunches were challenging times as some pastors expressed concerns and sought wisdom for guiding their congregations. Friday was unusually special with the arrival of a group of pastors from the country of Moldova. They had heard of the teaching in Iasi and drove through the border to make a request to bring TLI training to pastors in Moldova. There was an immediate bonding as we shared about the ministry and it's potential for their people. We are hopeful and encouraged for them.

We will be preaching in multipul churches Sunday. Please pray with us and for the name of Christ to be exhalted.


Iasi class May Moldovan pastors

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May  23rd,  2014Christ's joy fulfilled in His Word

We have abundant joy in Iasi, as we see the promises in God's word leap off the pages of Romanian, Magyar, and English Bibles, and spring joyfully into our hearts. Over thirty pastors and other leaders have been pouring over the Gospel of John, seeking to rightly divide His word and faithfully share expository preaching with each other in preaching practicums. God has stirred up love and good works, as He promises, and He has broken down the middle wall of separation between Jew and Gentile according to His word, as we celebrate our unity in Christ. One of the men preached in John 17:13 to a Baptist congregation at midweek service, and those there experienced God's faithfulness of Isaiah 56:7, as we were made joyful in the house of prayer. Today we will visit Orthodox and Catholic Churches, that we may better learn how to pray for them. A few ladies will continue outreach into the homes, as they minister the comfort of God's word to the women of Iasi. We are joyful and very blessed!
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May  21st,  2014Day Three in Iasi

We made it through our third day and it's been great so far!
This morning, our teaching team was invited to eat breakfast with a local pastor, one of our students, David. He and his family were very hospitable and we also had the pleasure of interacting with his team here as well. Their focus is on international students and they've been working to grow a church here which now has expanded to about 30 people including some from Nigeria, Camaroon, Zimbabwe, and more. David's family will be on furlough for the following year so we were able to see them just in time for an update. Additionally, students from his church are attending our classes. Pray that the training they receive will benefit the church here as well as they're home-countries. 

Upon a request from a local church leader, at lunch this afternoon we held a counsel meeting to give advice, prayer, and encouragement, working through specific issues of developing leadership and structure in the church. God seemed to provide clarity in the direction for the development of biblical leadership in this context. 

One of the blessings of teaching in the style we've chosen is that the local pastors are able to meet together here and thus the relationships are strengthened and the bonds between the churches are also improved as seen in their cooperations with each other. What other cause could bring pastors together so much as the accurate teaching of the gospel!

Tonight we concluded our teaching sections on commentary and the structure of sermon development. The "students", have eagerly taken their passage assignments. Pray for their preparation as each apply their skills of interpreting the Word to develope a sermon for preaching tomorrow and Friday. They take on this challenge hoping to sharpen each other for the glory of Christ.  

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May  21st,  2014The Present is More Important than the Future

We made it to Romania on Saturday morning, got into a minvan and drove to the city of Brasov. That evening, the pastor's wife of the church we were visiting for the first weekend gave birth to healthy baby boy. What a joy. That Sunday, we fellowshipped and brought the Word to the church. Andrei Sava preached from Genesis 22 how God provides for us and Mircea Ionescu spoke briefly from Mark 2 about Jesus forgiving sins. We has also had the opportunity to spend time with the pastor and another elder of the church over lunch and dinner hearing how the Lord is moving in the city of Brasov. It was encouraging to hear how their church is reaching out to the university students and the poor in the city. Through these ministries the Lord is saving people!
Monday we drove to Iasi having a good time fellowshiping and getting to know one another. That evening we started teaching through the book of John as well as Tuesday. We have been
One of our members also had the opportunity to share a little bit of the Lord with one of the receptionists here at the hotel we are staying. As they were talking the young lady said that she thinks the present is more important than the future, to be happy now. She believes that making good decisions will get her to Heaven, though she is not sure she is doing enough.
Please be praying as we will continue to teach, meet with pastors to counsel them and seek to bring the Gospel to people that are lost.
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May  16th,  2014Departing for Romania

The Romania team begins their journey to Iasi today. Please pray for their journey and that they will be a blessing to the people of Romania.


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