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Kenya 2011

Nairobi, Kenya July 14-26, 2011

In partnership with Church Army Africa we will be leading two pastors conferences. The first will be with leaders from two Anglican Diocese around Nairobi. The second will be with pastors in the informal settlements that are apart of Nairobi. Both conferences will focus on hermeneutics, preaching and biblical theology.

Follow along as teachers in the field offer their experiences as they share theological training with local church leaders.

Field Notes   Kenya 2011

Jul  25th,  2011Coming Home

We are headed home.

Every trip is unique and this one has been wonderful.  We wrapped up our time yesterday by preaching in churches.  All of us have interesting stories to share and videos to prove it! Five of us preached in African Pentecostal churches in Kibera.  Darren went to church with the Chaves family where they found out the preacher would not be there - Darren preached on the spot with 2 minutes of preparation.

One of the most unique parts of this trip was having a Romanian and Indian couple and a guy who has lived in Cameroon.  The conversations at night had a little extra flavor to them.  We enjoyed challenging each other on a nightly basis.

We are heading to the airport in an hour.  It will take 24-30 hours for us to all get home.

Pray for Andrei has he heads to Uganda for a week to serve the pastors and teachers there.  Pray for his wife and daughter as they are away from him.  

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Jul  23rd,  2011Teaching in the Slums--Day 2

Rusty Osborne

Today was our final day of pastor workshops in the slums around Nairobi. We are incredibly thankful that none of our teachers encountered any safety problems, and all of us enjoyed the time of interaction with the slum pastors. The groups were diverse and the discussions were interesting. Everyone reported that the pastors in their workshops were thankful for the resources and the training.

I (Rusty) personally love teaching in these types of settings. I have been leading a pastors' workshop for the past two days in a slum called Korogsha (literally "garbage" in Swahili). The community has developed on the edge of a massive trash dump, and it is difficult to determine where the dump ends and the slum begins. Muggers stroll the trash-filled roads and the air smells like raw sewage. There is not much in Korogosha, but there are churches and there are pastors. 

I have been working with about 20 slum pastors on becoming faithful teachers of God's Word--i.e., basic Bible exposition. And even though there is the initial excitement of listening to a white man speak, I truly believe these leaders were listening, engaging, and learning more about being careful expositors of Scripture. One pastor I was speaking with expressed his gratitude saying, "We are so thankful. Over these days you have given us tools that we can use as we preach through all of the Bible. " Another pastor said, "It has become clear to me that I must study God's Word. It does not matter what other pastors are doing or what the world tells me is important. I have to read the Bible to be a good pastor!" 

When I hear comments like these and see pastors huddled over their Bibles trying to go deeper in the Truth, I think to myself: It is all worth it. It is worth raising support. It is worth 18 hours on a plane. It is worth an hour-long bus ride and twenty minutes walking through trash. I know these people cannot attend a seminary. They cannot desert their families and churches. But I can go to them. By God's grace I can go, and today I join my team in praising and thanking God for his mercy in our lives and in this trip.

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Jul  22nd,  2011A Picture

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Jul  22nd,  2011Teaching pastors from one of the largest slums in the world - Kibera in Nairobi, Kenya

Andrei Sava 

   "I will give them one heart and one way, that they may fear me forever, for their own good and the good of their children after them." (Jeremiah 32:39)

  Have you ever felt that after you have spend half an hour with a bunch of brothers and sisters in Christ that you have just met, that you have more things in common with them than with your relatives that you know since a lifetime but who are not born-again Christians? This is exactly how I felt today after I spent half a day teaching 15 pastors from the Kibera slum, in Nairobi, Kenya. 

    After teaching in the first part of the week a group of people who are disciplers in the Kenyan Anglican Church (which is evangelical and conservative), today we had the privilege to teach expositional preaching to the pastors in the slums of Nairobi. We split into three small teams, so that we could reach out to at least three slums from Nairobi, and all three places experienced an outpouring of God's mercy and grace. I had the privilege to serve with my dear Indian brother, Aubrey and was blessed to see how much God gifted him in handling the Scriptures. 

   Now, even though these pastors have hardly any theological training and even though they meet in churches that look worse than a run-down American barn, I was humbled and deeply encouraged by their devotion and zeal for Jesus. I was also humbled that God would use me, a Romanian saved sinner, who lives in U.S., to expose the Scriptures for these African brothers and add knowledge to their zeal. 

   As we were looking over this week so far though, we can all say without a doubt, that we are amazed of God's work in redeeming a people from every nation, every tribe and every language (American, Indian, Romanian, Kenyan, etc.), from every walk of life, to give us one heart that desires to honor Christ and love Jesus with all their hearts. Soli Deo Gloria!

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Jul  20th,  2011Teaching and Learning Day 3

By Aubrey

Today we finished up teaching our workshop on Bible exposition through 2 Timothy for dear Kenyan brothers and sisters. All of us have had an awesome experience digging into God's Word and having our hearts knit together with people whom we do not even know if we will meet again on this side of eternity. 

As we have been teaching we have had the joy of watching people grow and in a short time have enjoyed building some wonderful relationships. As an Indian on a mission team with a Romanian brother, a bunch of Southerners and a Minnesotan leader together, teaching a plethora of Africans from multiple tribes, I think of the glory of God magnified in how Christ has united peopleS from all tribes, from every nation under heaven in relationships in Him that extend into eternity!

We have also been blessed to learn hands-on a ton about intercultural communication, gospel-centered love, and cross-cultural preaching, teaching and learning!

God surprised me personally today, by giving me an opportunity to witness to a Kenyan Muslim born, raised and living in Toronto, Canada on vacation in Nairobi, who happened to visit the campus on which we were teaching! Simply Amazing...Pray for Abdi to be saved. 

 Pray for all the Kenyans who came to our training, that they will be faithful to shepherd the flock entrusted to them, whom God has purchased with His own blood, and faithful to preach and teach the Word of God accurately, putting into practice what they have learned. 

Pray for us as we make our first visit to the Kibera slum tomorrow, and get ready to teach in the slums over the next 3 days. 

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