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Brazil Fall 2013

Sau Paulo, Brazil December 1-8, 2013

TLI is partnering with PIBA to teach courses in their church based seminary. Mostly, teachers will go by invitation. Requires seasoned pastors and teachers to go.

Follow along as teachers in the field offer their experiences as they share theological training with local church leaders.

Field Notes   Brazil Fall 2013

Dec  2nd,  2013Class Begins Today

This trip is unique for TLI, as I am a team of one. Normally, when TLI comes to Atibaia to teach at PIBA, we have two courses, which means two or more instructors. Because of an earlier trip and the holiday last week, only one course was required, so I am here alone. It has been a good weekend to get my bearings, interacting with the staff at the school, worshiping with the church, and resting. Now, today the work begins. 

Our task is to cover the Old Testament Prophets, which means covering 21 books in five days. After arriving, I discovered that I am not teaching Monday morning, as the students are given that time off after busy weekends of ministry. So, I am down to 4 1/2 days of teaching. Pray for wisdom and grace to cover what needs to be addressed with the students.

Today, I will cover an overview of the Old Testament, as well as an introduction to the Prophets. Hopefully, we will also have time to cover Joshua and Judges, as we survey the Scriptures together.

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