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Uganda Fall 2013

African Renewal University, Uganda August 9-24, 2013

The Holiday Term at Africa Renewal Christian College is a part of a 2-year Certificate Program for pastors, church leaders and lay-members of the church that desire to be equipped for ministry. The training attracts mature adults that are already serving in ministry and are unable to attend bible college full-time to due family, ministry and work commitments. This mature group of students provides a tremendous atmosphere for dialogue and debate as students learn how to apply God's word to their lives. 

Follow along as teachers in the field offer their experiences as they share theological training with local church leaders.

Field Notes   Uganda Fall 2013

Aug  20th,  2013Teaching Highlights

 Greetings from Uganda,
Our team is now into week two and our precious time here in Uganda is quickly winding down.  We will be leaving Uganda and/or African Renewal University this Friday evening.  By the time you read this blog it will be Tuesday or later.
The days, however, are full and sometimes the evenings are short.  Please pray for adequate sleep and strength for the whole team as we seek to finish strong in the remaining days we have.  
A few highlights from today include:
Steve Larson - Students are learning to develop their skills in knowing and doing the spiritual discipline of meditating on God's word.  According to Steve, "They really seem to be getting it!"
Weymann Lee - Enjoying having discussions with students on principles of spiritual leadership and  going off on "tangents" that indicate they understand these principles relate to various areas of life.
David Crabb was encouraged by how well his students did today in their first preaching opportunity and how it allowed them to see how much they had understood and applied from his teaching on sermon preparation.  It also enables him to see where he can be of help to them in improving.
Stephanie Crabb has enjoyed helping out the ARU office staff in different areas as well as assisting students from Rwanda in learning and conversing in English.          
Barb Kehn - Had a lively discussion in her class on sexuality, marriage & divorce with all it's cultural implications and scriptural injunctions.  Both Steve and Weymann shared in the class as well to help provide a male perspective on the issues.
Tom Kehn - Taught the letter to the Ephesians on the "real riches" we have in Christ.  There was also an intriguing planned debate among students in class on the arguments for against Paul's authorship of the letter.  The Ugandans love to discuss and debate.           
However, the greatest highlight for us is knowing that you are praying for us and supporting us in the most needed work for Christ.
Tom Kehn (for the team)

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Aug  18th,  2013Weekend Update


Our first week of classes ended well with papers turned in, exams taken, and the teachers reporting excellent class discussions. We are encouraged by the receptivity and eagerness of the students and grateful for the wonderful privilege and sobering responsibility of entrusting the Word to them in hopes that they will teach others also. Please continue to pray for us!

Saturday was a day off, so we spent the day seeing some of the other ministries of Africa Renewal Ministries, the broader ministry of which Africa Renewal University is a part. We visited Loving Hearts Babies Home which rescues abandoned babies ages 0-2 and seeks to place them in Christians families. We also met with some ARM staff members to talk about the history and vision of the ministry. Then we visited Bethany Village--an orphanage on an island on Lake Victoria with approximately 200 children living and attending school there. It was a fantastic experience. We enjoyed a meal with Jason and Terra Stead, Calvary Chapel missionaries who are working towards a church planting movement in Kampala, and were really encouraged by our time with this dear couple.

Today (Sunday) we split up and went to four different churches in the area. Steve Larson preached at Mulyiah Community Church on Ephesians 5 and the Fullness of the Spirit. Weymenn Lee was at Christ Our Holiness Church where he preached on Matthew 18 and the Parable of the Unforgiving Spirit. David and Stephanie Crabb attended Nsangi Christian Fellowship and David preached from 2 Samuel 2. Tom and Barb Kehn were at Shield of Faith Bulaga where Tom preached Ephesians 1:4-14 on the Riches of Christ. What a joy to worship with these brothers and sisters!

Next week we start our second week of classes. We'd be grateful if you'd pray for continued strength for the teachers (and students!) and that the work that is accomplished these weeks would serve to powerfully further the Kingdom without borders. 


David Crabb (for the team)

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Aug  14th,  2013Midweek Update

“It seems like we’ve been here a week” was the comment of one of our team member even though we had just completed 3 days of training / teaching. In just these few day we have gotten to know our student’s better and they feel more relaxed as they have gotten to know each of us.  We all agree that the students appear to be grasping the material and interacting with the principles and truths we have tried to communicate.

Steve expressed that he had the best day of teaching as he led the students in his Pastoral Ministry class.They discussed the importance of pastors being filled with the Holy Spirit.

Tom continues lead his class through the study of the Pauline Epistles. He just completed 1
Thessalonians.  Barb in her Marriage and Family Counseling class taught the students some basics about counseling married couples. 

David, our team leader, taught students in his preaching class how to prepare messages. Later they will be given the opportunity to apply what they have learned by preaching a message.  All of us are sure that David misses Stephanie as she is serving this week in the Loving Hearts Baby Home. 

 In my class on Spiritual Leadership we examined the definition of spiritual leadership, the need for
spiritual leadership and the selection of spiritual leadership.  We are currently going through the
qualification of a spiritual leader found in the Scriptures.  The students appear to understand the importance of godliness and integrity in the lives of spiritual leaders and are asking great questions.

Tomorrow we will be giving midterm exams to our students, so pray for them. It will be a good gauge for us to see how effective we are as teachers.

 Please pray for wisdom for all of as we seek to answer questions from the students and to help them learn how to apply these truths and principles to their lives and ministries. Pray that the Holy Spirit will use us to minister to the students and that He will continue work in each of their lives in preparing them to effectively serve the Master.

 In His Service with Joy,

 Weymann Lee (for the Uganda Team)

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Aug  14th,  2013Tuesday Highlights

A highlight of the day was great class discussions. The students are thoughtful as they interact with the material that the team is teaching. Weymann Lee’s Spiritual Leadership class is considering how church leadership is chosen. The Preaching class had a discussion on integrity and honesty in evangelistic preaching. This allowed David Crabb to discuss the cost of discipleship and provide a biblical perspective on the prosperity gospel.

Tom Kehn in the Pauline Epistles class has his students share what they wanted to emulate from the life of Paul. They prayed for each other that Paul’s life and example will inspire them to follow the Lord more closely. Barb Kehn continues to teach counseling skills the Marriage and Family Counseling class. They had great discussion of what it means to “leave your mother and father” in scripture and in their culture.


In addition to teaching his class, Steve Larson had a great opportunity to preach a session at the ARU alumni conference this afternoon. His message on Making It to the Finish Line encouraged the students to continue running into the arms of Jesus to sustain them in their ministry. Students came to him with heartfelt thanks for his message.


Several of us heard Jeff Athertone teach the alums from Matthew 25, the parable of the talents. He reminded all of us to use our talents fully in whatever setting we are in.


Other news: The cold showers provide a .5 second wake up opportunity. The discussions of a wide variety of topics we have as a team are lively, friendly and fun. We are so grateful for this wonderful opportunity to serve.


Barb Kehn (for the team)


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Aug  12th,  2013Blessings from Buloba

It's our first day of teaching and while I am fairly exhausted from 4 hours of teaching I am also blessed.

 3 blessings of being on this trip so far.

First is the joy of being with this team. David Crabb is a humble, godly leader who makes it a joy to be a part of this team. When you mix in the others on the team, the fellowship, conversation and encouragement of hanging around committed believers is a great blessing to me.

Second, is the joy of teaching students who have a great hunger to learn. These young Ugandan students have a deep desire to sharpen themselves as tools in the master's hand. It is humbling and exciting to teach them and see them so eager to embrace God's truth.
Third, is the joy of being around the visionary leadership of African Renewal University. These godly leaders stir my heart as they seek to maximize every resource that the Lord has entrusted to them. They are transforming what was a broken down middle school into a university campus that will be used for many years (at least until the Lord comes) to train students.
I've had the joy of being on many mission trips throughout the years. This one is proving to be a highlight. Pray that the Lord uses me and all the teachers to stir the students to continue their path of being instruments in the Master's hand.

Steve Larson (for the team) 


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