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India ZCTS School July 2017

Undisclosed Location July 14-21, 2017

At 210 million, Uttar Pradesh is the most populous state in India and larger than most countries worldwide. Yet almost 80% are Hindu, 19% are Muslim, and the remaining religions divide up the remaining 1%. If we were to choose any 10,000 people in this state, eighteen would be "Christians" and include every variety of cult, dead nominalism, and prosperity group. Seeing the tremendous need for vibrant, Biblical churches, our local partner in Uttar Pradesh has asked TLI to help establish a church-based M. Div. school to train pastors to plant churches, preach the Word, and shepherd God’s people in an Indian context. Join us as we help Indian Christians establish the church in Uttar Pradesh. Pastoral and/or academic experience required. Course: Hermeneutics

Follow along as teachers in the field offer their experiences as they share theological training with local church leaders.

Jul  24th,  2017Men Who Want to Rightly Handle the Word of Truth

     What a wonderful week I had here.  This past week I have been teaching Hermeneutics from about 8am to 6pm every day. (The students for their part had a Greek class also from 6:30am-8).  To say that it was tiring would be an understatement, but anything this trip demanded from me physically was more than made up for spiritually.  I can not tell you what a joy it is to be with these men who have committed their lives to serve Christ in a country that desperately needs the gospel.  Day in and day out they came ready to learn.  If they complained either I did not know it, or it was in Hindi and they failed to translate it for me.  They were extremely engaged as well.  The students asked questions and were determined to understand.  Several guys were auditing the class and they would come up to me and share how our topic was helpful for them in their ministry.  They have a desire to be faithful teachers of God’s word and that should make your heart overflow with joy.  There are far too many pastors who care little about how faithful they are with the word of God.  So to see a room of young men who want to rightly handle the word of Truth should cause us all to praise the God who calls us out of darkness and into His marvelous light. 

I want to thank you all for your prayers over the past week and I want to encourage you to continue to pray for these young men.  Pray that God would encourage and strengthen them and that the training they received will have great impact on their ministry.


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Jul  19th,  2017A New Work has been Planted

      It is great to be back in India.  It has been a year since I was last in here and I have missed this great country.  Every time I come here, I am so grateful to be able to see first hand how the Lord is working here and around the world.  Sometimes we forget that we are part of a larger body of brothers and sisters.  This time around, I am teaching Hermeneutics to the very first class of students in a new school plant.  While at times I feel underserving of such an honor, more often than not I am overwhelmingly grateful that God would give me such an opportunity. 

     The students we are working with are future pastors and church leaders who have the potential to change this country.  Their desire to do so is evident by their willingness to sit and listen to me teach for 7.5 hours a day.  To be honest I am not sure that I could do what they are doing, but they have a passion and desire to learn, which is contagious.  Each day they come alert and attentive, ready to learn.

There are several things I would ask you to pray for:

1) Pray for my translator. He is working so hard to take what I say in English and give it to the students in Hindi.  I tell him everyday that he is working far harder than I am. 

2) Please pray that the training would be beneficial for the students.

3) Pray for the safety of our brothers and sisters here.  Being a believer certainly has its difficulties in this context.

4) Pray that God would maximize and increase the ministry of the school here and the labor of those who oversee it.


    India is a beautiful country with warm and inviting people, but it is a dark country lost in sin and in desperate need of the gospel.  However, I am reminded of something every time I come here.  God is at work and nothing can stop the advance of the gospel. 

D. C.

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