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India Summer 2012

Undisclosed Location July 5-15, 2012

We will be starting the TLI curriculum with local leaders who can and will be taking the Gospel to hard places.

Follow along as teachers in the field offer their experiences as they share theological training with local church leaders.

Field Notes   India Summer 2012

Jul  13th,  2012Final Day of Teaching

Posted by Adam Dorsey

Today was a great day.  All of our team is healthy, except for our fearless leader.  Darren is still reeling from a sizeable stomachache, as well as a lack of sleep.  He was laid up all morning in the only air-conditioned room at Vijay’s house, while the rest of us were teaching on church history!  But God answered prayer and gave Darren supernatural strength to get up and teach the final lesson on Christianity in the 21st century.  And a great lesson it was.  In fact, all the lessons today seemed to really meet a need for the pastors, as they were all vocally thankful to hear how God has providentially worked through human history to bring the unstoppable gospel of grace to the ends of the earth, just as He promised through the Old Testament prophets. 

As soon as the last lesson was over, chairs were arranged on the church’s platform, and the five of us (Ryan still being in Canaan) were seated for a farewell ceremony.  Vijay’s father sat in the middle of our team, and offered a moving prayer of gratitude for our service to him and the 20 or so pastors who attended the training.  Then Vijay and some others presented each of us with a beautiful floral necklace and authentic Indian shawl.  Then we posed for a group photo with all the pastors.  What an incredible way to cap off an amazing week of ministry, worship, and fellowship in the gospel.

Did I mention hot?  Today has by far felt like the hottest, drippiest day since we arrived.  The sun was out in full force, and the humidity was unspeakable.  I thought having lived in New Orleans during the summer of 2005 gave me bragging rights.  Wrong.

This trip has been a great blessing and privilege.  We have all learned so much from our brothers who are serving in such a challenging context.  They have been very gracious and loving toward us, and to witness their fellowship as local church pastors has been inspiring.  We look forward to returning home this weekend to a sweet reunion with our families.  For those of you reading this who have supported us through prayer and giving, we hope you are encouraged at how God has used this trip to help equip fellow workers of the gospel here in India.  Thank you!


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Jul  12th,  2012Shared Illness

Mickey and Curt have bounced back nicely from whatever ilness they had. However, Adam, Darren, Vijay and the pastors are now sick. A local school had 60 kids miss class because of illness. One is reminded again of the missionaries who came to India without a lof of effective medicine. They were brave. We have it easy. The pastors just prayed for Adam and Darren. We expect God to answer our prayers.

Please pray for healing and strength. We did three teaching sessions today but had to cancel the fourth because the pastors got sick. Jennifer teaches the children tonight and Adam preaches at an open air meeting. Tomorrow is our last day as we sketch the history of Christian faith. Most of these pastors don't know what happened after Acts 28. Lord keep us faithful and thankful.



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Jul  11th,  2012Heat Wave, Illness and Demon Possession

It's been cool here until today where it finally got to be about 100 degrees. We can feel it in the teaching sessions, even as the fans blow hot air on us. How anyone can stay awake is beyond us!

Traveling overseas can bring all sorts of interesting scenarios. Two of our four team members (Mickey and Curt) have been laying down all day. We took Mickey to the doctor yesterday and got him some medicine for a fever and stomach flu. He will be ok, but it's not exactly what you plan for when you travel to train pastors. Curt started to feel sick this morning. Darren is sick as well but taught all morning. Adam has been taking Cipro for two days and feels great (with the aid of Nyquil induced sleep last night).

Jennifer taught the children yesterday and did a great job. The ministry here has a boys home where they take care of boys who have been abandonded by their parents. They don't call it an orphanage because they have no interest in having the boys adopted. They are taking care of them and will do so until they reach 10th grade.

Darren taught on the demonic in Mark this morning. How in the world do you teach something that you don't experence but these pastors experience on a regular basis? The point Mark makes is that Jesus has total sovereign control of the demons. Darren made the point that Jesus was not engaged in exorcism campaigns. He did not seek out demons to cast out. People were always brought people to him. That led to a good discussion amongst the pastors on the place of exorcism within the overall ministry of a church.

Pray for our team, especially our health as we serve with the brothers here.

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Jul  9th,  2012Tuesday Update

We began teaching on Monday morning, with Ryan leading the way. There are 18 pastors here from all over the region. One of the pastors shared how one of the pastors was recently killed by Hindu fundamentalists.  Another pastor shared how he was arrested twice by the police to stop him and others from having evangelistic meetings.

Yesterday and today we are teaching through 2 Timothy hoping to model expositional preaching. Yesterday we taught four times - Ryan, Adam, Mickey and then Ryan again.  They all did a good job. They did wonder how old Mickey was ;)

We are all jetlagged. I (Darren) fell asleep in the middle of a conversation yesterday. The others on are team are recovering as well. We hope to be in much better shape today. 

Ryan heads to Canaan tomorrow to be with friends who are having some difficulties on the field. We pray that it will be a time of refreshment for them to have a friend with them. 

It's monsoon season here. Last time I visited it was 110-115 degrees. This time of year it's in the 80s and raining. I think this is much easier to teach in this kind of weather.

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Jul  7th,  2012It's a Long Journey

We are in the middle of our journey to our final destination.  Just consider the following:

  • Met in Minneapolis: 10am CST
  • Took off at 4:25pm CST
  • Landed in Paris at 7:00am and took off at 10:30am
  • Landed in Delhi at 10:30pm

We've been at a hotel all night (though it feels like day!) and then get on two more plans before we drive an hour to our final destination.

Please pray for strength as we begin teaching tomorrow.

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