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India (Andhra Pradesh) July 2017

Undisclosed Location July 21-30, 2017

Training Leaders International is working with a partner ministry to train pastors from various districts in Andhra Pradesh. These 26 pastors will be equipped with TLI's non-formal curriculum in order to train other pastors in their district. Course: Attributes of God

Follow along as teachers in the field offer their experiences as they share theological training with local church leaders.

Field Notes   India (Andhra Pradesh) July 2017

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Jul  24th,  2017Reflections from Andhra Pradesh

   Though I have been to India several times, this is my first trip as a member of a TLI team. I have participated in enough “pastor training” seminars to know that many offer little in the way of substantive curriculum. They often feel more like a dog and pony show designed to make the foreign pastor feel good about the mission trip but do little to strengthen the leadership of the local church. That is what sets TLI apart. Not only is the curriculum we are teaching (Attributes of God) designed to lay a solid theological foundation for later courses, TLI makes a long term commitment to the student pastors. The students are challenged to interact with the biblical text so they learn how to properly interpret passages. The course of study takes 3 years to complete, which fosters a spirit of fellowship among students.

    Heading into this week I didn’t know what to expect from TLI or the host site.  Dan, the TLI staff leader, is someone who not only has a heart for missions, he served for several years as a pastor abroad. He is very gifted in his ability to connect with the students and engage them in the material.  The host pastor likewise has a genuine desire to help equip his fellow pastors.  All said, the first two days has left me excited about what the week ahead holds.  I look forward to better knowing these brothers in faith. I think any pastor serious about wanting to do cross cultural ministry should consider experiencing a TLI trip.

Jim Behrendt

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