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South Asia Highlands Oct 2017

Undisclosed Location October 6-14, 2017

Training Leaders International is working with a partner ministry to train pastors in a sensitive location. These pastors will be equipped with TLI's non-formal curriculum in order to train other pastors in their district. Course: 2 Timothy

Follow along as teachers in the field offer their experiences as they share theological training with local church leaders.

Oct  11th,  2017Rightly Handling the Word of Truth

It has been nearly three years since my last visit to Nepal. Despite a massive earthquake, political instability, and the passing of time, not much has changed. The roads are still dusty and filled with motorcycles, buses, and taxies. The children walk to school in their uniforms. The food is plentiful and delicious. Our hosts are gracious. And our students are eager to learn.

We have completed two days of training in 2 Timothy. Although numbers are lower than in 2015, the growing maturity of the students present is evident in the discussions taking place. It is clear that they have grasped what has been taught in previous courses. Their commitment to studying and proclaiming God’s Word stands in contrast to many. And their lives and ministries are changed.

That is what makes the charges in 2 Timothy so timely. This short book is filled with commands from a spiritual father to his son in the faith. With an appeal to watch their lives and doctrine closely, God’s Word speaks directly to their work in pastoral ministry. As we conclude our training this week, we leave confident that they have heard Paul’s charge to Timothy as their own.

Later today the students begin their final sermons as part of TLI’s training course. Tomorrow we will celebrate what God has done over five years. Pray with us that the lessons learned would continue to result in lives changed.

Grateful for God’s grace at work,



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