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South Asia Highlands Oct 2017

Undisclosed Location October 6-14, 2017

Training Leaders International is working with a partner ministry to train pastors in a sensitive location. These pastors will be equipped with TLI's non-formal curriculum in order to train other pastors in their district. Course: 2 Timothy

Follow along as teachers in the field offer their experiences as they share theological training with local church leaders.

Oct  9th,  2017Better than Bread

It seems that nearly every culture has some version of bread. Here in South Asia our meals are accompanied by wonderful and warm naan bread. In fact, I noticed at dinner last evening the basket of buttery, garlic naan was the first to disappear.

As we enjoyed our meal, we spoke with our host who explained a bit more about the local culture and the need of the pastors in this area. So many of them are hungry for training. They are hopeful that someone will come and teach them. In particular, when these pastors first signed up for training through TLI a few years ago, they wanted to know how to perform signs and wonders. They wanted to learn tips for healing and practical advice for working miracles.

Like many other places around the world, Christians here are fascinated by the spectacular. Of course, the Bible is full of such events, such as the story of manna from heaven. God worked an incredible miracle in the wilderness by supplying sustaining bread for his people. But his purpose behind the miracle is of particular note. Moses wrote that God led them to the wilderness and let them hunger so that they would learn a singular lesson. Man does not live by bread alone, but by every word which comes from the mouth of God.

There is something greater than bread—even better than buttery naan. There is something more wonderful than a miraculous supply of manna from heaven in the middle of the desert. God’s word satisfies and sustains like nothing else. Manna was given as a sign to point us to a better supply, to a better satisfaction.

We may not be coming this week with training on how to perform miracles and work wonders, but we have come with something even better, the life-giving word of God. May the pastors here feed on it and be filled. 


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