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Tanzania August 2017

Tarime, Tanzania August 4-13, 2017

We are partnering with East Africa Christian College (EACC) in providing theological training for pastors in the Tarime region along the Tanzania-Kenya border. This newly opened school is strategically located in an area underserved by pastoral training ministries. Recent gospel advances make the need for equipping pastors especially urgent. We currently teach Swahili-speaking pastors (via interpreters) in a Certificate Program and in 2017 we anticipate teaching English-speaking pastors in the new Diploma Program. TLI has also been asked to teach a bi-annual conference for regional church leaders, which has been well-attended. Tanzania is a beautiful country, home of Mt. Kilimanjaro and the Serengeti National Park, which is located a few hours drive from EACC Courses: Ruth/Jonah - Swahili (Certificate level) Biblical Theology - English (Diploma level)

Follow along as teachers in the field offer their experiences as they share theological training with local church leaders.

Field Notes   Tanzania August 2017

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Aug  14th,  2017Arguing from the Text and the Joy of Seeing Them Get It

August 9th, 2017

A number of our trainees in Biblical Theology are clearly having “light bulb moments.” They are making connections between different parts of the Bible. They are excited to see how the Old Testament builds hopes and expectations that God will keep His promises and fulfill His plans in Jesus. Even in the face of occasional language difficulties, it is clear that many of these dear brothers are “getting it.”

One such moment – the most exciting for me so far – came in a discussion in class today. I wrote two statements on the chalkboard and asked which was true to the Exodus account of the giving of the law: “Obey God so that He will save” or “Obey God because He has already saved”? One Tanzanian pastor said, “The first is right.” (That is not the light bulb moment, by the way.) Before I could push back, another pastor piped up, “I think the first is wrong. The second one is right.” Oh? Why? “Because here in Exodus 20:2, God had saved them first.” Not only was the second pastor arguing for an opinion (which was exciting enough for me to see such engagement), but he was basing his opinion on the text of Scripture! My heart was filled with excitement that in that moment I did not need to be the one to point to the details of the text; the trainee did it himself. We want to work ourselves out of a job, having the trainees themselves turn to Scripture and not rely on us. We tasted that today in Tanzania.

Jonathan Worthington

Director of Curriculum Development, TLI


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