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Tanzania August 2017

Tarime, Tanzania August 4-13, 2017

We are partnering with East Africa Christian College (EACC) in providing theological training for pastors in the Tarime region along the Tanzania-Kenya border. This newly opened school is strategically located in an area underserved by pastoral training ministries. Recent gospel advances make the need for equipping pastors especially urgent. We currently teach Swahili-speaking pastors (via interpreters) in a Certificate Program and in 2017 we anticipate teaching English-speaking pastors in the new Diploma Program. TLI has also been asked to teach a bi-annual conference for regional church leaders, which has been well-attended. Tanzania is a beautiful country, home of Mt. Kilimanjaro and the Serengeti National Park, which is located a few hours drive from EACC Courses: Ruth/Jonah - Swahili (Certificate level) Biblical Theology - English (Diploma level)

Follow along as teachers in the field offer their experiences as they share theological training with local church leaders.

Aug  14th,  2017How Does God's Redemptive Plan Apply to Your Life?

As I write this, I'm enjoying the beautiful sound of Tanzanian brothers singing praises to our God and King.  Even though I can’t understand the words, it is a sound that makes my heart long for the New Heavens and New Earth where men and women from every tribe and tongue will gather together to sing praises to the Lamb.

Our time in Tarime continues to fly by.  Jonathan and I have been encouraged by the engagement of the students in our Biblical Theology class.  As we closed our sessions for today, the class shared ways they can use the story of God’s redemptive plan in their own ministries. We were encouraged as we heard example after example of teaching being applied in the ministries of these gospel servants. 

Please continue to pray for us.  Everyone remains in good health and in good spirits, we want to continue serving faithfully here in East Africa Christian College. We appreciate your continued prayers.

Jordan Gowing

Short-term team member


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