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Uganda August 2012

African Renewal Christian College, Uganda August 10-25, 2012

Teaching two-week class at Gaba Bible Institute. We need teachers for Preaching, Current Issues in Counseling, Pastoral Ministry and Pauline Epistles. We currently have a need for an teacher to teach Biblical Counseling.

Follow along as teachers in the field offer their experiences as they share theological training with local church leaders.

Field Notes   Uganda August 2012

Aug  21st,  2012Lingering fog filling the valleys; Team Uganda Update

By: Kevin Wilhoit

I am writing to you from the campus of Africa Renewal Christian College in Beautiful Buloba, Uganda.  Every morning we get to walk up the hill from the dormitory where we are staying and watch the sun rise over lush, rolling hills with lingering fog filling the valleys. It’s heavenly!  Our team has been glorifying God for the beauty of this place.  It actually reminds me a lot of western Pennsylvania where I am from, except we’re four miles from the equator!

This is my first trip to Africa and I can see how people say that Uganda is the jewel of Africa.  Rich red soil makes it superb for vegetation and diverse wildlife.  We’ve seen some storks that must stand four feet tall!  One of the impressive activities of ARCC, in addition to their passionate pursuit of training African leaders, is the commitment to steward the resources of the campus property.  There
are some areas designated for sport, but many others are being farmed with tomatoes, sweet potatoes, peppers, and more.  Also, they have recently used an old structure to house rabbits and chickens.  All of these will be used to feed students, or sold for profit. The students themselves are required to participate in the cultivation and care of these animals and crops.  This not only helps the school with resources but also teaches the students how to steward land well.  The expansion of the Kingdom of God is taking place not only in the souls of people but in how they are being renewed in proper stewardship of God’s good earth.  I love it!

I have been teaching the book of Acts all week and have really enjoyed the challenge of intensive instruction with all the preparation and work.  But mostly, I have enjoyed the passion of the students to learn.  Some of them are already pastors, many much older than I. Some are young and this is their first class.  Yet they are zealous for their God and want to learn His word so they can instruct and care for God’s people well.  We are privileged to be able to help in a small way with the expansion of God’s kingdom in Uganda.  As I prepare to enter the second week of classes, I am incredibly grateful to be here.  Thank you so much for your support and for your prayers.  Keep
lifting us up so we can finish well!

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Aug  20th,  2012Ministers among Ministers, Men among Men, Friends among Friends

The Uganda Team "Five" in August of 2012
By: Tom Brown

You have not experienced Uganda until you have ridden on a motorcycle with a “Boda Boda” through a populated island off the coast of Lake Victoria, with pounding African rain pelting your face as you race along rough mud roads. So was the Uganda TLI team’s journey as we traveled to visit an orphanage founded by African Renewal Ministries.

As we raced over hilly mud roads, often catapulting inches off the ground, we passed village after village of thatched roofed homes. Myriads of children lined the streets with brilliant white-teeth smiles and flawless faces as black as night, waving us on as if we were a parade celebrities, or more likely, the afternoon’s entertainment. Women peppered the villages dressed in beautiful bright multi-colored ankle length dresses, often carrying a baby in a rap on their backs. Our Boda Boda drivers were quite skillful, dodging chickens and roosters, goats and sheep, bulls and cows, and every kind of domesticated farm animal imaginable. After finally arriving at our destination, drenched, cold, and muddy, it was the united opinion of the team, elated in spirit, saying in many words: "That was worth the whole trip!" I thought to myself: "I love this place and I belong in Uganda and my wife is going to be so jealous!"

Our Saturday trip may seem like the adventure of a lifetime, but it was much more. From the open boat ride in pounding rain across Lake Victoria, to the totally unorthodox travel through the island, the experience had a mystical way of uniting the hearts of our team together in an unforgettable moment. We became more than fellow teachers -- we are ministers among ministers, men among men, and now, friends among friends. I was not expecting that.

I was surprised to find one of the most precious experiences of Uganda to be the complement of our team of 5 – no man above another and all contributing a unique dimension to the team that complements a united partnership. I want to keep The Five but I know that is unlikely. But I have a sense that this united partnership will be repeated again and again and again, as the task of Training Leaders International will progress in the years to come – may God make it so!

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Aug  17th,  2012Ogambaki!

by: Dan Collins

Ogambaki! So far coming to Uganda has proven to be a wonderful experience. The people we have met are warm, friendly and make you feel welcome. I was glad to get here after sitting for three hours on a plane in Atlanta and missing our connection out of Amsterdam. Once here I was impressed by how comfortable the weather is. It is cool in the morning and evening and the afternoon has yet to approach the heat and humidity of Augusta GA. Teaching here has been exciting as well. The students seem receptive and are willing to engage in discussion. I have been teaching pastoral ministry which was somewhat intimidating given the cultural differences, but whether African or American we serve the same Lord and are called to shepherd according to the same Word. The first week is coming to an end and I look forward eagerly to next week as we continue to teach and contiue to experience this wonderful country and people.
We thank you for your continued prayers and hope to keep you updated on what the Lord is doing here in Africa.

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Aug  16th,  2012Second update from Uganda

By: Howard Foreman

Well things have settled down and are running smoothly. All  the teachers finally arrived and have begun their classes. The ones I have taught so far have been excellent--great participation and discussions! I have been teaching Church History and Theology. I have talked with the other teachers and they are saying the same thing. Praise the Lord!
We are just about finished with Day 4. Weather has been mild and an occasional rain. The food is good, but simple. We had a great tour of ARCC's facilities and saw what they are doing. They have some big needs both in resources and in personnel.I have already been thinking about people who might fit in over here sometime.
Thank you for your prayers. Keep it up. I will keep you posted as I can. Internet is a bit slow

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Aug  13th,  2012Not Exactly How We Planned It

I was about to board my plane in San Francisco when I got an email from one of my team members--Tom Brown who lives in cleveland. He informed me that he would not be meeting me in Amsterdam because his flight to Detroit was canceled and he would not make the connections. That was 15 minutes before I boarded the my plane. He said he would arrive on Monday night (instead of Saturday night with me.)
I was supposed to meet the rest of the team in Amsterdam. "Supposed to." I got on my plane from S.F. walked to the other end of the airport to board my next flight to Entebbe, Uganda. I looked for my other team members. They were now where to be seen. I boarded and presumed they would follow.
When they announced that the door was closed and I didn't see me other team members, I knew something was up. Well, I got to Entebbe at 10:15 pm and no one else had arrived with me. I had been traveling for 22 hours and had no ideas where anybody was. I did find those who were to take me to the School. They didn't believe me that the others had not come with me. But true.
With no way to contact anyone about who was where etc. We drove the 1 1/2 hrs to the school and I went to sleep, exhausted as all get out. At 8:45 a.m. I was able to get internet connectivity on my I-pad and I read a brief email from one of my other team members telling me they were arriving (with the exception of Tom Brown) at 9 a.m. that was in 15 minutes and we were 90 minutes from the airport. the drivers hurried over to the airport to get them.
In the mean time our team had been asked to preach in one of the local churches. Before the trip I had planned on letting one of the other team members do it. They, on the other hand, had decided to let me do it (they were enroute to Uganda!) So I" volunteered" to do it. They also asked me if I would do the Bible study which meets an hour before church! Having done a lot of traveling in Africa and always prepared for everything (well, just about everything), the Holy Spirit (and pre-planning) gave me the words to say. Church finished at 2 p.m. I was exhausted!
I got back to the school and at "crashed," fell asleep at 5 p.m. They tried to wake me, to no avail, for dinner--twice! I did get a good sleep and had to teach at 8:30 on Monday morning. Now I am exhausted again.
Most of the team is here; we're still waiting for one more who arrives tonight. Oh...BTW... the electricity was off all day today. So my powerpoint for the class wasn't available. But we had a super great discussion time and it was a great first day. I think it is going to be a great time here and look forfward to the other "exciting events" to unfold.
Keep us in your prayers. We need to be sustained by them. Thank you.

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