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Liberia August 2017

Undisclosed Location August 3-12, 2017

We received over two hundred initial inquiries when we agreed to train pastors and church leaders just north of the Monrovia. Our local partners, Center for Leadership Development, have worked to identify one hundred key leaders from those who expressed interest whom we will be training. Church leaders are desperate for training to help them in their ministry and are committed to pass along what they are learning to others. (MDiv required - see below) Teaching: Attributes of God

Follow along as teachers in the field offer their experiences as they share theological training with local church leaders.

Aug  11th,  2017The Fatigue of Day Four

Our team has finished day four of teaching The Attributes of God here in Monrovia and the best word now for describing us, as well as our students, is fatigued.  I think we are all feeling drained, but I can see it in my students as well.  Their brains and hearts have been working hard to absorb all that we would like to give them.


My students have amazed me.  They have made earnest effort to get here, they have slept here all week, they have sat in class all day, and then completed reading assignments in the evening.  In all of this, they have remained attentive, talkative, and full of questions.  They are so excited and thankful to have this kind of training available to them.

Because this is the rainy season in Liberia, some of those who enrolled were not able to get here.  Others made it around the washed-out roads, but came a day late.  The roads in SE Liberia are impassable in some places.  Others have made great financial sacrifice to be here.


Short-term mission workers can easily think of themselves as heroes—seeing ourselves as people who are sacrificing to come into a foreign place and provide a needed service.  But the more I get to know these students, the more I realize they are the heroes.  They are the ones who have really sacrificed for this week and yet their gratitude toward God and us is abundant.  

We have one day to go and we want to finish strong.  Please pray for us and our students that our communication would be unhindered, that our bodies would have stamina, and that God’s Spirit would lead us into discussions designed by Him.

Larry Stromberg

Short-term team member

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