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Liberia August 2017

Undisclosed Location August 3-12, 2017

We received over two hundred initial inquiries when we agreed to train pastors and church leaders just north of the Monrovia. Our local partners, Center for Leadership Development, have worked to identify one hundred key leaders from those who expressed interest whom we will be training. Church leaders are desperate for training to help them in their ministry and are committed to pass along what they are learning to others. (MDiv required - see below) Teaching: Attributes of God

Follow along as teachers in the field offer their experiences as they share theological training with local church leaders.

Aug  9th,  2017Do I Need to Yell When I Preach?

“Some pastors yell when they preach. Do I need to do that?” asked one of my students during a break in between sessions.He sincerely wanted to know the answer to a practical question he’s been wrestling with for some time. Peer pressure appears to be strong among Liberian pastors.


As I finished up Day 2 teaching the course, The Attributes of God, in Monrovia, Liberia, I am beginning to grasp the weightiness of our team’s mission while here. Without a firm theological mooring, these dear pastors are being tossed to and fro like a dinghy in a storm unhooked from the dock. Instead, we have made it our single aim to train them in an accurate view of the biblical God whom they serve so that they can develop a God-centered and God-exalting philosophy of ministry.

Their answers to our questions, and better yet, their questions to our answers are revealing godly leaders who long to know God more deeply. Then with that knowledge, they’re desperate to lead the churches they shepherd to know Him better as well.

They continue to receive us warmly, respect the authority of the Scriptures and grapple with their quickly expanding perspective of God. In the process, our hearts have been knit even closer to them on this Day 2.

It’s hard to imagine time better spent and a cause more needy in this region of the world. We pray the seeds of this week’s ministry will take root and grow into decades of eternal fruit for Christ’s sake.

 And, “No, you don’t need to yell,” I softly told him.

Bryan Johnson

Short-term team member

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