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Uganda (Kampala) August 2017

African Renewal University, Uganda, Uganda August 18 - September 2, 2017

The Holiday Term at Africa Renewal Christian College is a part of a 2-year Certificate Program for pastors, church leaders and lay-members of the church that desire to be equipped for ministry. The training attracts mature adults that are already serving in ministry and are unable to attend bible college full-time to due family, ministry and work commitments. This mature group of students provides a tremendous atmosphere for dialogue and debate as students learn how to apply God's word to their lives.

Follow along as teachers in the field offer their experiences as they share theological training with local church leaders.

Field Notes   Uganda (Kampala) August 2017

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Aug  25th,  2017Intro to Counseling: From Foundations to Methods

Aug 23, 2017


This trip is my second to Africa Renewal University outside of Kampala, Uganda. The fourteen students in my Introduction to Biblical Counseling class are really a great blessing to me. I trust over the next two weeks that I can be to them at least a fraction of what they are in encouragement to me.

Let me tell you a few facts and vignettes of what has happened in and after class so far:

  • Nearly all of my students are from Uganda and seek to serve their Lord in various ministry roles. One student is from Kenya and another from the especially troubled area of South Sudan. It is humbling to hear their testimonies! 
  • It has been encouraging to me to find some of the students burdened by the widespread teaching of error by many church pastors in their countries. For this trip, the TLI team brought to Uganda several cases of the book Prosperity? Seeking the True Gospel provided by The Gospel Coalition’s International Outreach Program. The plan is to distribute copies to the churches we visit on Sundays as well as providing copies for AfRU students.
  • In my counseling class the number and quality of questions being raised during class are increasing! Often I have to move discussion of some of them to ‘after-class’ time.
  • Some of the questions, though prompted by class discussion – move beyond the scope of counseling proper. For example, after completing review of a chart comparing various secular counseling methodologies, one student asked whether such a chart comparing Christianity and Islam might be a good summary tool to use in ministry. I agreed to help sketch out one, but only after the class. It was an engaging half hour, indeed. We began with the attributes of God versus Allah, the purpose of creation and mankind, the motivation to obedience, the nature of judgement, and finally, the promise (or lack thereof) of mercy and grace. 
  • Today my class wrapped up what I call “Foundational Counseling Issues” and embarked on counseling methodology. As a review, however, we met for part of our class in the IT Lab here at Africa Renewal University. Here we watched several videos by Tim Keller and John Piper. Below is a picture of the students watching and listening to John Piper explain Romans 8:37 and what it means to be “more than conquerors.”

Allan Topham

Short-term team member


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