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Uganda (Kampala) August 2017

African Renewal University, Uganda, Uganda August 18 - September 2, 2017

The Holiday Term at Africa Renewal Christian College is a part of a 2-year Certificate Program for pastors, church leaders and lay-members of the church that desire to be equipped for ministry. The training attracts mature adults that are already serving in ministry and are unable to attend bible college full-time to due family, ministry and work commitments. This mature group of students provides a tremendous atmosphere for dialogue and debate as students learn how to apply God's word to their lives.

Follow along as teachers in the field offer their experiences as they share theological training with local church leaders.

Aug  29th,  2017Real Riches

Aug 25, 2017

Hello TLI friends!

"Muli-mutya!"—friendly greetings from Uganda!  It has been a week since we arrived back in Uganda to teach at African Renewal University (AfRU), about 20 minutes from Kampala, the capital city.  Our team of four TLI instructors arrived last Friday night at Entebbe Airport, having flown nine hours from Amsterdam via KLM Airlines.  We collected our bags, then made our way to the AfRU campus, settling into our bunks around 1:30 AM Saturday.  I am always amazed by the bustling activity, bright lights and loud noises of the Ugandan people, even late into the night and early morning!

Sunday we each preached at a different rural church in the villages surrounding the university.  I had the privilege of preaching at a church where I had spoken two years previously.  I shared about "Real Riches" from Ephesians, Chapter 1.  The "prosperity gospel" is a big concern here in Uganda, as it is in many poor third-world countries. Unfortunately, there are many who teach confusing and misleading concepts about receiving health and wealth in abundance in this world rather than focusing on "every spiritual blessing" we have in Christ (Eph. 1:3).  We are also giving to each of our AfRU students and local pastors a book entitled, Prosperity? Seeking the True Gospel, donated and published by The Gospel Coalition.  Please pray for each of them as they seek to navigate this false teaching in their own churches and communities.

We just finished teaching our first week of classes at AfRU.  In my class, I taught the four Gospels, Acts, and six of Paul's Epistles.  It was a lot to cover in a short time, but I thoroughly enjoyed doing it!  Next week I will finish up the rest of the New Testament books.  What a joy to teach these motivated students—younger to older, men and women—God's truths, promises and commands as revealed in these Scriptures!

I’ve also had opportunity to reconnect with some of my students from past years.  One such student shared that he had just come back from Kenya where he taught 20 pastors using my notes from the Old Testament Survey class I taught him last year.  What a joy to see God's message going forward and being shared with others!  

One couple who donated to TLI for this trip also provided extra money that enabled me to give all 14 students in my class a set of my master notes.  The students were excited to receive this unexpected gift and broke out in applause when I told about it.

Please continue to pray for us all, as we will be preaching again this Sunday in another local church and then prepare to teach our second week of classes at AfRU.  Our hope and prayer is that these classes we teach will not only provide biblical information, but would also lead to personal transformation for these students and those they serve.


Warmly in Christ,

Tom Kehn

TLI Ministry Partner


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