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India 2011

Andhra Pradesh, India April 25 - May 6, 2011

In partnership Reach All Nations, we will lead a pastor’s conference on The Life of Christ and it’s Implications for Pastoral Ministry. The team will also be holding evangelistic events in different villages.

Follow along as teachers in the field offer their experiences as they share theological training with local church leaders.

Field Notes   India 2011

May  6th,  2011Final Stories

We are all heading home today.  Pray for us that we make all 4 plane rides on our way back to the US.  In the next week we will post some videos of the trip to give you a better feel for what is happened here.  A few stories:


Last Tuesday at the gospel meeting in one of the villages, a house caught on fire as we were leaving.  This could have caused the whole village to burn down as the roofs are made bamboo and palm leaves.  The village was saved because the team from Reach All Nations was there for the meeting and was able to put it out.


Vijay told us a story of his father when he was in the hospital right after his stroke last year.  Two days after the stroke his Dad woke up, took the IV cord going into his hand, pretended like it was a microphone, and began conducting a service as if it was Sunday morning.  He would go through each part - welcome, prayer, singing, prayer, offering, singing, preaching, prayer and singing.  No one at the hospital could stop him.  He held them for three days in a row.  


Vijay's Dad told us a story last night that when he was younger he would go to other villages with a drum to draw attention and the preach the gospel.  In one village he came to, two women who were demon possessed began talking to him.  They were discussing whether they should leave where they were because Jesus was there.  The heads of the village came out asking him to leave because they wanted the ancestoral spirits to stay in the village.  These two women were a source of income for the village.   Instead, Vijay's Dad cast out the demons and the two women came to faith. He got into trouble later.

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May  6th,  2011Pray and Fast

Do you pray and fast?  There is a women in the church here who was a very devoted Hindu.  A few years ago she had Stage 4 cancer.  She was told by doctors of two cancer facilities to go home and die because there was nothing they could do.  Her family brought her to the church.  The people here responded by praying and fasting at the church and in homes for three days. 


She is now part of the church and has no cancer.  She converted to Christ because of the prayers and fasting from the community of faith that led to her healing.


Would your church does this, or just send out an email communication to pray in the form of an announcement?

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May  5th,  2011Powerful Testimony - Teach Your Children Good Songs

On Tuesday night we heard a very powerful testimony from a powerful testimony from a former Brahman - the highest caste in Hinduism.  He remembers as a child hearing the church near his house singing.  As a young man he would burn Bibles for heat in order to heat up water.  He would tear up tracts and abuse Christians.  He grew up and had a high paying job (huge money!).  There came to a time where his partners cheated him and kicked him out of the business.  The partners called him a few days later and said he had to pay almost all the money he had, three building and the gold his wife had.  After that meeting he said he would call upon the Lord he hated.  His financial struggles did not go away, but he had peace in his heart.  He remembered the songs he had heard as a child and was converted.  His wife came to faith, but his family excommunicated him as a result.  

He used to be a man who burned Bibles but now He is a man who owns 14 Bibles and carries it around the proclaim the good news.

He challenged the Hindus there that their trust in idols was useless - he knew because he had been there.












Today is our last full day (Wed).  We all preached in the morning. Tonight is a gospel meeting.  Darren and Jordan are scheduled to preach.  

We are having a wonderful time, but look forward to seeing all of you!  Ryan has a little stomach bug - pray for him.

Here is our travel schedule:

3:00-4:00 - Flight to Hyderabad

8:00-10:00 - Flight to Delhi

12:30am-5:30 - Flight to Amsterdam (9 hours)

1:30-3:30pm - Flight to Minneapolis (9 hours)


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May  4th,  2011Gospel Meeting and Pastor Conference

Yesterday (Tuesday) marked the first of a two day pastor conference on passages from the Gospels.  Darren preached on Matthew 18 - How to Keep People in the Church.  Ryan preached on Mark 8- The Cost of Discipleship.  Marvin (pictured) preached on Luke 6 and 9 on the importance to get away and pray alone.  Jordan preached John 20 on the Purpose of the Gospel and Pastoral Ministry.  One thing we experienced that none of us had before was 110 degree heat and high humidity. Vijay told us it was the hottest day he has remembered.  Even he was sweating!  We did not do very well.  We had to sit in a dark room when we were not preaching.  Crazy!   The picture was taken in the morning before we passed out!






















At night we had another gospel meeting.  We have no idea how they survived the heat to set this all up.  Ryan preached on Romans 1.  A former high-caste Hindu shared his testmony (more on him tomorrow).  Jordan was going to preach but the testimony was so powerful we let him take up all of the time.











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May  4th,  2011Is This a Hindu Temple?







Everyday we pass temples with idols in them. None of them are the same. But would you be surprised that the picture on the right is of Mary at the entrance of a Catholic Church.  We saw a number of people bowing down to it similar to what you would do when you enter a Hindu temple.

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