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Uganda (Kampala) May 2017

African Renewal University, Uganda, Uganda May 5-21, 2017

The Holiday Term at Africa Renewal Christian College is a part of a 2-year Certificate Program for pastors, church leaders and lay-members of the church that desire to be equipped for ministry. The training attracts mature adults that are already serving in ministry and are unable to attend bible college full-time to due family, ministry and work commitments. This mature group of students provides a tremendous atmosphere for dialogue and debate as students learn how to apply God's word to their lives. 4 Courses to be taught: 1. Old Testament Message and Theology, 2. Christian Leadership, 3. Sermon Preparation and Delivery, 4. Introduction to Christian Missions

Follow along as teachers in the field offer their experiences as they share theological training with local church leaders.

May  16th,  2017Joy

This week we are teaching Preaching, Spiritual Formation, Missions and OT Message.It has been a joy to see student minds open up to the truth of the bible. In Preaching, they have learned to take their message from God's words. In Spiritual Formation, they learn how the bible says they should live. In OT Message they have learned to see Jesus in the OT. In Missions, their hearts have been open to the desire of God to gather his people unto him.

Pray that God will continue to work in these students lives as they gain the knowledge to make a gospel difference in Africa.

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