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Uganda (Gulu) - July 2017

Gulu, Uganda July 19-30, 2017

In partnership with a group of churches in the St. Croix Valley of Wisconsin, TLI is training pastors from northern Uganda and surrounding countries. Tutapona Trauma Counseling works with individuals severely traumatized by the horror of war and is now training local pastors to carry on this effort within their own culture by strengthening existing churches and planting new churches in areas of need. Curriculum to be taught: Gospel of John

Follow along as teachers in the field offer their experiences as they share theological training with local church leaders.

Jul  26th,  2017TLI from English Teacher's Perspective


It has been a pleasure to join the Training Leaders International team in Gulu, Uganda, training church planters and pastors in strengthening and starting new churches.  I, myself, am a pastor in training and launch team member of a church plant in Baldwin, Wisconsin.  In addition, I am an English teacher in the Oakdale, Minnesota school district the past 16 years.  I have found my training as an English teacher and a pastor helpful in teaching the book of John to our students in Gulu—using reading strategies to improve their understanding of a text, reinforcing techniques in hermeneutics and exegesis, and providing multiple approaches to sermon prep.  The TLI curriculum has been very helpful too.

This is my first time in Africa, and from my experience, I have found the people of Gulu to be gracious and accepting of me, even eager to please.  More importantly, I am impressed by their grasp of the TLI church planting vision after their sixth training session.  Each student understands their purpose in strengthening and starting new churches and has reached proficiency in understanding many books of the Bible.  Also, the students have made strides in preaching and teaching, now able to identify the main idea of the text and provide supporting evidence in line with the four hermeneutical questions.  Their sermons are organized and effective in communicating the gospel message.  This is what we have hoped for.  I hope to return in the future and work with TLI and my network of pastors again.

Matt Oberg

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