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Uganda (Gulu) March 2017

Gulu, Uganda March 16-26, 2017

In partnership with a group of churches in the St. Croix Valley of Wisconsin, TLI is training pastors from northern Uganda and surrounding countries. Tutapona Trauma Counseling works with individuals severely traumatized by the horror of war and is now training local pastors to carry on this effort within their own culture by strengthening existing churches and planting new churches in areas of need. Curriculum to be taught: Gospel of Mark

Follow along as teachers in the field offer their experiences as they share theological training with local church leaders.

Field Notes   Uganda (Gulu) March 2017

Mar  20th,  2017A Movement in Northern Uganda


On Thursday night the team (Stu, Ron and Joshua) landed in Kampala, the capital.  After a good night's sleep and breakfast, we began the 5-6 hour journey north to Gulu.  Though on the equator, Kampala has a pretty temperate climate and we were greeted by cool evening breezes.  It gets warmer as you go north and the afternoons can be fairly hot.  But the humidity is low and the mornings and evenings are cool.  It's a lot like late Spring in South Georgia except you can actually cool off in the shade.

On Sunday we visited 2 new churches that had been planted since the last team was here in November.  Fifteen pastors came to the church planting training that Stu and Ron led and we learned that 4 more churches had been planted in that time.  Some of these pastors will become regional leaders in a movement to spread many more churches throughout north Uganda.

The churches we visited in the village were an hour and a half from Gulu with 45 min of that on back roads.  Ron and I sat under a giant mango tree enjoying the cool breezes, singing praises and hearing from the word of God.  Joe, an evangelist, preached on repentance.  Samson, the church's pastor, led the worship and exhorted the believers.  Anthony, the pastor who discipled and sent out Samson, led the service and played the drums.  All 3 of these men are in our Gospel of Mark course this week.  

Worshipping and praying with the African church is really like nothing else.  We sang about God's character and the blessing of forgiveness in Christ.  Afterward, a church member honored us by inviting us to her home for a meal of rice, beans and chicken.  Their hospitality, heart-felt worship, simple joy and brotherly kindness toward us are a testimony of the work of God in this place.  The Western church has a lot to learn from them   

Pray for the training this week.  We want to see the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ as we study Mark together.

Joshua Chambers


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