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Tanzania Aug 2016

Mwanza, Tanzania August 5-14, 2016

We are partnering with East Africa Christian College. Curriculum to be taught: Attributes of God

Follow along as teachers in the field offer their experiences as they share theological training with local church leaders.

Field Notes   Tanzania Aug 2016

Aug  14th,  2016A Fond Farewell...then a Safari!

After a tremendous week of ministry, our team was presented gifts from the students and the women at the Ladies' Conference. Our Tanzanian brothers and sisters shared testimonies of how God used the teaching this week to touch their lives. We give thanks to God for all that was accomplished for the Kingdom. 

Our two new friends at East Africa Christian College, Peter Andrew (Director) and Christopher John (registrar), were overjoyed at the teaching their students received. They are so glad that TLI will return four times a year to teach their student-pastors. 

Tarime, the region where the school is located, is a largely unreached area. God has opened a strategic door for TLI.

The last two days the team has enjoyed a Safari at the Serengetti National Park.  What a breathtaking display of God's panaramic grandeur on some of the most famous plains of Africa! How amazing to watch elephants, lions, cheetahs, hyenas, zebras, wildebeest, leopards, giraffes and more roaming free, often right near your vehicle! 

Let all the nations praise Him!



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Aug  12th,  2016Nightly Singing

Each evening our team gathers with our Tanzanian brothers and sisters for a time of singing around the cistern in the courtyard of our compound. Voices raise in harmony, in beautiful praise to our God. There are uplifted arms, swaying bodies and trilling tongues as we worship our Creator and Redeemer under the starry African sky at the foot of Mt. Tarime.

When it is time to say goodnight, we form two intertwining circles, clashping hands and arms, exchanging "good night" blessings. 

When you are isolated from the news events of the day, be it the races of the Olympics or the Clinton-Trump campaigns, you are more aware that Christ is building His kingdom in hidden places all around this globe. 

Pause and give thanks to Christ that He is building His world-wide church. One day He will come for His bride. Lord, Jesus, come quickly. 

Father, thank you for the faithful saints who enable us to be here, strengthening these dear brothers and sisters who serve your church.


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Aug  11th,  2016Amazing Grace!

As we continue teaching the Attributes of God to the pastors here, it was our joy today to focus on the Grace of God: God's undeserved favor to us in Christ.

Tirame, the region in which East Africa Christian College is located, is known for being a very hard and difficult  region. The pastors who labor here face a difficult challenge. This week has been very encouraing to these faithful pastors. 

The campus has been alive with singing, praying and dancing. Many of the pastors and women who are here have traveled many hours by bus. Some have not seen each other in ten years. Others are making friendships for the first time.

The school leadership is smiling from ear to ear over the teaching their students are receiving. 

Tomorrow after our final exam, many of the students are joining the TLI team for a two hour hike up Mt. Tirame. On top of the mountain we will pray over this city and region, and ask that God's grace  turn darkness into light, sorrow into joy. Would you pray with us to that end?

One final note. The compound in which the school is renting facilities has two Muslim families who have rented small apartments. These families are very secretive. As they have observed the students, the women, and  the TLI team eating, singing and praying together, they asked the school administrator, "why have we not been invited to the meetings?" The administrator replied, "you most certainly are invited to join the women. We love you." May the light of the gospel turn darkness to light.....even on the campus of East Africa Christian College!

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Aug  10th,  2016The Women are Here!

The women arrived today! The campus is filled with their colorful dress and beautiful voices in singing!

God has brought over 40 women to the campus of East Africa Christian College for three days of teaching on "Being Gospel Women" by Lois Krogh, wife of TLI staff member Steve Krogh. After two hours of teaching the women were moved to tears regarding what women lost in the calamity of the fall. This afternnon the drama of redemption will be taught through the story of Jesus touching the woman who had a flow of blood for 12 years. May God use this time to encourage the wives of pastors, church leaders and denominational leaders.

This has also been a great opportunity for the College to share its facilities and ministry with people not previously acquainted with the College.

The classes of the pastors continue to go well. How rich to open God's Word regarding the Attributes of God. Pat Curtis, one of the TLI instructors, states, "It has been a privilege to meet with local pastors committed to reaching their community with the gospel of Jesus Christ. We came to impart some spiritual gifts to them from the Word, but we have been mutually encouraged, each of us by the others' faith" (Romans 1:11,12).


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Aug  9th,  2016Teaching and Teaching!

We are now in the middle of our second day of Teaching the Attriubutes of God. The students are eager and the discussion is very full. 

The students are from a portion of Tanzania that does not have many churches. The school is located in a region that is very independent. There are no other schools for pastors, so this is a very strategic work.

Our team brought about 100 books to give to begin the library here at East Africa Christian College. When the luggage was lost and recovered a day late, there was fear that the customs offiical may want us to give a significant fee/bribe for the books to go through. There was a fear that the official may not allow the books to go through at all. 

When the official asked me to open two of the bags, one entirely filled with books, she said, "what are these? It looks like a book about Jesus!"  It was a book by John Piper. I replied, "yes, it is a book about Jesus."  She narrowed her eyes and said, "do you love Jesus?" I said, "yes."  She said, "I love Jesus too. You may proceed with your luggage."

The books were presented to the administration of the college and received with much thanks. The students stood to applaud and give thanks to God. 

Please join us in giving thanks to God.

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