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Uganda (Gulu) November 2016

Gulu, Uganda November 11-20, 2016

In partnership with a group of churches in the St. Croix Valley of Wisconsin, TLI is training pastors from northern Uganda and surrounding countries. Tutapona Trauma Counseling works with individuals severely traumatized by the horror of war and is now training local pastors to carry on this effort within their own culture by strengthening existing churches and planting new churches in areas of need. Curriculum to be taught: Ruth/Jonah

Follow along as teachers in the field offer their experiences as they share theological training with local church leaders.

Nov  6th,  2016Seeing Jesus in Gulu

Tomorrow Stu Dix, Mike Evans, and myself (Jesse Albrecht) will start the first training session of our trip with our beloved brothers and sisters in Gulu. 

Stu and Mike are both church planters in the St. Croix valley in Wisconsin and have been investing in the leaders in Gulu for several years now. I love seeing churches partnering with churches in this way. 

The fellowship already has been sweet, as we attended worship this morning with several of the pastors we have the privilege to work with. As a team we have been reminding ourselves of the immense purpose of God to bring glory to himself among all nations and the incredible privelege we all have to play a part in that by fulfilling the Great Commission. We cannot wait to work with these leaders and to focus again on the power of God's word to accomplish all that he promises. These men and women are a little over halfway through the TLI courses and have shown a love for studying God's word carefully and expositing it in preaching faithfully. We hope we can encourage them to continue in that and sharpen the tools they already have as we focus on interpreting and preaching the books of Ruth and Jonah over the next week.

May the God who was sovereign over the advancing line of promised offspring in Ruth, and over nations and human history in Jonah, continue to demonstrate his sovereignty by blessing this trip for the growth of all involved. My prayer has been to see and experience more of Jesus each day that we are here and already it is being answered as I fellowship with my team and our friends here in Gulu who also call on the great name of Jesus.


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