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Serbia December 2015

Undisclosed Location December 4-13, 2015

Within the Baptist Union of Serbia, the Baptist Theological School has been operating since 1939. However, with the chaos of the Balkan wars and changing country geographies, the school has undergone much upheaval. The Serbian Baptist Union, in strong cooperation with TLI, is working to rebuild the spiritual legacy of the Baptists in the former Yugoslav countries. This can only be accomplished through rigorous teaching and high standards of theological education. The desire and goal is to see the struggling fruit of Evangelicalism start to grow again in this hungry and gospel-needy area.

Follow along as teachers in the field offer their experiences as they share theological training with local church leaders.

Field Notes   Serbia December 2015

Jan  18th,  2016They all came back for seconds...

And we're not talking about the food!

 Our year ended with our second module in December, and we had all of our students from the first module “officially” return by God’s grace. It’s a formal return because one of our students was working with Samaritan’s Purse in Greece and had to miss the module, while another just got married and had to miss as well. They are both making the work up and returning in March. We also had a new student from Montenegro join the cohort class. He is working with Stan Surbatovic from Niksic, Montenegro for those who may know him. Having 19 students is absolutely beyond what we imagined would happen, and is a work of God’s grace. In this part of the world, having 2-3 students is considered a success. We are very thankful!

The courses in December were, “Systematic Theology II” taught by Matthew Henry, a Pastor from Kenosha, WI, and “Biblical Theology” taught by Duane Tweeten, V.P. of Theological Education at TLI in MN. The students did even better this time at adjusting to the more western style of educational expectations.

 During our modules, we have established the tradition of a “pizza night” at which the students can just hang out and talk to the professors on a casual basis. All the students have really enjoyed this. During this module, we had a special guest – Vera Birvis, widow of Aleks Birvis who was a prominent theologian and author in Serbia. She gifted all his library for the school, as Dr. Birvis was heavily involved in the school for many years. Fluent in 8 languages, Dr. Birvis had an extensive library. We were very thankful to get this gift, and have renamed the library in his honor. Now we just need to get it all organized!


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