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Brazil Sept 2016, EPPIBA School

Sao Paulo, Brazil September 16 - October 1, 2016

TLI is partnering with PIBA to teach courses in their church based seminary. Mostly, teachers will go by invitation. Requires seasoned pastors and teachers to go. Courses: God-Centered Ethics Exegesis & Exposition of Psalms

Follow along as teachers in the field offer their experiences as they share theological training with local church leaders.

Sep  29th,  2016The Word is a Lamp

Five hundred years ago this year, Desiderius Erasmus published the first edition of His Greek New Testament.  Interest in returning ad fontes (“back to the sources”) had been growing. Greek and Hebrew was becoming more accessible, the printing press was humming along, and translations of the New Testament in German, English, Spanish, Russian and other languages would soon be available to milkmaids and ministers alike. As God’s people had direct access to the Word of God, the church was transformed. One of the cries of the Reformation, After Darkness, Light! Captured the joyful relief people experienced at having Scripture at hand. “Thy Word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path (Ps. 119:105).

Because the Word transforms our lives, the leaders at the Escola de Pastores da Primeira Igreja Batista de Atibaia (EPPIBA), near Sao Paulo, Brazil, wanted to train shepherds who preached their way through the Bible, text by text. They invited Trainings Leaders International to partner with them in their church-based seminary.

It is for this reason that my colleague, Jim Jordan, and I are here. We are teaching the final two modules (Psalms, and God-centered Ethics, respectively) that the inaugural class at EPPIBA will take in their four year Master of Divinity program. After they graduate, the men will scatter across Brazil to take up their ministries.

These students show a deep love for the Word, remarkable theological grounding, and a growing pastoral wisdom. I know how my own life was transformed when I began to attend a church committed to expository preaching. So I cannot quite communicate my joyful anticipation to see how God will use these men to bless this nation for their joy, and His glory. What a privilege to have a small part in it!

Joost Nixon

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Sep  26th,  2016An Ambitious Church

PIBA (First Baptist Church of Atibaia) looks beyond their own four walls for ways to boldly advance the Kingdom of God. Their missionary activities start in their own backyard and extend to other areas of Brazil, Angola, Cuba, and Moldova. Their efforts to strengthen Brazilian churches include equipping and encouraging pastors through hosting a pastors conference (similar to a 9 Marks Weekender), along with a separate conference for pastors wives. 

Not surprisingly, PIBA had both the audacity and energy to start a church-based seminary. Four years ago, TLI came alongside them to assist in two primary areas: advice and classroom instruction. The issues involved with starting a seminary are not entirely intuitive, so TLI has acted as a consultant in helping them think through their goals for the school and how to accomplish them. Since in Brazil it is difficult to obtain credentialed instructors who hold generally conservative positions, TLI regularly sends teams to meet some of their teaching needs.

What joy is ours to come alongside a church that desires to give young aspiring pastors an opportunity to receive rigorous biblical training combined with supervised ministry experience. God has given them a big vision for pastoral training and we are privileged to join with them in pursuing it. Specifically on this trip, we are providing a course on Christian Ethics, and one on the book of Psalms.

Jim Jordan

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