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Ghana June 2016

Undisclosed Location June 16-26, 2016

We are partnering with Community Life Church to train pastors in Ghana. Classes: Biblical Theology Gospel of Mark

Follow along as teachers in the field offer their experiences as they share theological training with local church leaders.

Field Notes   Ghana June 2016

Jun  21st,  2016Ghana

Sorry about the lack of updates.  We’ve had a combination of late nights (crusades until 10 or 11pm) and lack of internet at one of the two hotels we are using.  Everything is going well.  So far we have done 7 crusades and preached at 6 churches on Sunday.  Monday we started four classes on Gospel of Mark and two classes on Biblical Theology.  In addition to the six teachers, we have in our group five people who are teaching Bible at a local elementary school and two nurses.


Cute story: One of the 14 year olds at the middle school our group is teaching at wants to be a pastor.  When we started the new cohort to train pastors in January this student shows up wanting to take part.  When we was told he would have to finish his schooling before he could join our training he started crying. 


Another story: One of our students preached a crusade.  Afterwards several people came up to him and expressed surprise about how well he explained the Bible.  He replied that he learned at Bible college.  “You go to the Bible college in Accra (the capital about 14hrs away by car)?”  “No here in this town”  Everyone was amazed that he could learn how to preach the Bible here in the North.


(This was written while eating breakfast because that is basically the only opportunity as we will be teaching until supper then have two crusades tonight).

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