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Ghana January 2016 with Community Life Church

Ghana, Ghana January 21-30, 2016

We are partnering with Community Life Church to train pastors in Ghana.

Follow along as teachers in the field offer their experiences as they share theological training with local church leaders.

Jan  27th,  2016Preaching

Today the Ruth/Jonah classes walked through preaching.  This is a good time in the curriculum cycle as it is the first time we get to hear students' preaching and see first hand the progress they have made to this point. Before today in Paul's class, out of 12 students, only three had ever preached from Ruth and only two had ever preached from Jonah. In David's class (one of the three we have), David was amazed at the quality of the sermon from a student who had never preached before in his life.

A quick prayer request: the harmattan winds are bringing dust which obstructs visibility, closing the regional airport.  This has caused us to change our schedule.  We are going to try to leave in about 12 hrs (6:30am Thursday morning local time) to the regional airport to try and find a window from which we can fly to Accra (and from there home).  If we can't, we will have to drive another 5hrs south to another airport to see if we can fly out from there.  Otherwise, it is a ~14ish hour drive to Accra to catch our flight to the US.  To give us enough time to drive if worse comes to worse, the teachers have appointed trusted local leaders to listen to the students' sermons on Thursday.  We are expecting the best from our students and look forward to seeing their growth when we return in June.


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Jan  25th,  2016Teaching Day 1

(Post from David Fischler)
Today was our first day of teaching classes for pastors here in Ghana. We are running two cohorts, the returning students in Ruth and Jonah and the new students in Attributes of God.

The reception we have received from the students and our hosts has been marvelous. The students are attentive (no mean feat, given that we are meeting in the rooms of the unfinished shell of a house), inquisitive, and dedicated to improving their effectiveness as ministers of grace and truth. Many of them are taking time off from full-time jobs in government, agriculture, business, etc., which means that they are making a big sacrifice to participate. Their faithfulness to their calling, and their hunger to learn, makes our jobs as teachers a joy and an honor.

Ghana is, by Western standards, a poor country, and the northern region where we are ministering is among the poorest parts of the country. Amid that poverty, however, we have seen great treasures poured out from heaven. Sunday, all six of the teachers (one of our number is a medical professional who is doing exams of all the students this week) preached at one of the local churches overseen by our host, Pastor Stephen. We were received with enthusiasm, and it was obvious that the Holy Spirit had gone before us to prepare the ground. One man for whom the congregation had been praying for for many years gave his life to Christ. It was truly wonderful to see prayers such as those answered. There is something genuinely humbling to think that one has come more than 5000 miles to be in exactly the place God wants you to be, so that you can be used by the Holy Spirit and see a life transformed.
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