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Brazil March 2015

Sao Paulo, Brazil March 14-28, 2015

TLI is partnering with PIBA to teach courses in their church based seminary. Mostly, teachers will go by invitation. Requires seasoned pastors and teachers to go.

Follow along as teachers in the field offer their experiences as they share theological training with local church leaders.

Field Notes   Brazil March 2015

Mar  24th,  2015Edifying the Local Church

Although we have come to PIBA in order to serve at the seminary, this school is based out of a church (as mentioned in our previous post). Most days comprise of teaching from 8-6pm but outside of those times, we have been asked to serve at many different church events.

On Saturday, Philemon preached at the college group and prayed at a wedding. He taught outIMG_2863
of John 3 and encouraged the students in their relationship with Christ. I think his role at the wedding is significant because it shows how much he has bonded with the community.

I (Sam) was privileged to preach the Gospel to the High school group, highlighting the goodness of the good news by walking through the whole story of the Bible. God moved in a special way and there has been a continual stream of testimonies of students repenting, confessing, and being touched by the Lord, thank you Jesus!

On Sunday, Nathan Tarr preached to the whole church. Nathan shared out of Mark and called the congregation to marvel at the simplicity of the death and resurrection of Jesus.


For the rest of the week, we will continue teaching Hermeneutics, Systematic Theology, and Church History. I'm excited, for tomorrow I will be privileged to teach the 1st years on how to do word studies and avoid exegetical fallacies. David Crabb will be preaching for chapel at Word of Life Seminary. This school is one of the oldest theological institutions in Brazil and is closely connected with PIBA. What a great opprotunity to serve! 

Prayer requests
-PIBA is hosting 30 pastors from all over Brazil for a leadership retreat. Please pray that these precious shepherds would be refreshed and edified. Several of us will be teaching a few sessions.

-Since we are teaching intensives, we are covering a lot of material very quickly. Therefore, we want to cover the material but still maintain quality. 

-A model student just got word that his grandmother passed away, he took the first flight out. His grandma did not know Jesus, although he witnessed to her before. This is very sad but also an opportunity for this student to shine to his family.

Dependent, Sam Choi


P.S. As a special treat, listen to the congregation sing, "God is so good to me." 


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Mar  18th,  2015Serving leaders in Atibaia, Brazil

For the next two weeks we are serving at the seminary, hosted and founded by First Baptist Church of Atibaia. I'm astounded at the level of rigor, depth and breadth of information, and the emphasis on discipleship. In other words, the students at Primeira Igreja Batista de Atibaia are receiving quality seminary education. 

The students hail from an eclectic background. Some students are currently pastors, some areIMG_2791
from the Amazon, others are from neighboring states, but all are involved in ministry. The school desires to provide quality education with a local church emphasis at an affordable price. Thus, many of the students take classes for free or at a steep discounted price. They even provide housing for many students for free. The host and founding church, First Baptist Church of Atibaia, generously subsidizes the expenses of the seminary. The school is three years old, but the host church has been training pastors from its inception in 1980. Their heart to train leaders is inspiring!

In the seminary, they have two cohorts. The third-year cohort has twelve and the first-year cohort has six. They intentionally cut down the size in the first-year group, in order to ensure more discipleship.

IMG_28246026199110Our daily schedule is class from 8am 5pm Monday through Friday. At night, we prep, rest and may speak at church events. The people are hungry and teachable.

We are currently teaching Hermeneutics and Systematic theology. Today, I was given the privilege of walking the first-year cohort through Arcing and Bracketing. It was a grueling 4 hours, but they truly started to grasp by the end. I'm so excited because these exegetical tools will truly serve them the rest of their life!

Next week, Nathan Tarr and David Crabb will be arriving to teach more classes. Please pray for a safe trip. 

Prayer requests
Teaching - For our teaching to be fruitful, spirit dependent, and pleasing to God.
Rest - We are working all day and much of the night. Brazilian’s bed time is at midnight so it can be quite noisy and hard to sleep!
Revival - There are twenty million people in Sao Paulo, what a harvest!
Pastors- Next week, the church is generously hosting 30 pastors from all over Brazil in order to provide a free leadership summit. Many pastors are discouraged and some are so poor that they only book they own is their Bible.

Grateful, Sam Choi

Teachers Assistant 



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