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Burundi - Spring 2011

Undisclosed Location April 6-16, 2011

For a number of years, Howard Foreman has gone to Burundi to work with a growing network of pastors who have no theological training. On this trip the team will be focused on expository preaching and inductive bible study.

Follow along as teachers in the field offer their experiences as they share theological training with local church leaders.

Field Notes   Burundi - Spring 2011

Apr  15th,  2011Final Update

Hi Everyone,
The Internet finally came back on (at least for a moment!) So I am rushing to get out a final update.
Last Day: What a great time. Derrick took the morning session and covered much of the last days of our Lord up to the middle of His final week. He did a fine work and there were many questions and lots of discussions. It is great  to have someone help in the teaching. I have appreciated those who have come to help--Gregg Cantelmo (last year), Derrick Rhodes, and Steve Brown. There are more opportunities for future teaching  here in Burundi (and I am taking applications!!)
I took the rest of the events of the final week (from Thursday on) and covered the crucifixion, burial, resurrection, and ascension. It was so exciting to see them piece together the life of Jesus (we didn't do every event, but covered a lot of them.) They had so many questions. It is just exciting to see the proverbial "light" come on. For a few, some of the material they never heard before. AMAZING!!!??!!! Steve had the day off.
One of the things we need here is practical theology and pastoring issues. Many have no experience of running a church, except what they learn each day. Much teaching is needed on: eldership, ministry organization, couples and marriage, counseling, day devotions, and many more. If you have taught any of this (and more--talk to me) and would like to give 5 fays (10 with travel time) to training a generation of new believers and leaders, then maybe God is nudging you to come help.
We toured some areas where we need to send some work teams. If you have skills, the passion, and have the time to come "and get dirty" doing a work here, then there is a place for you. Let's talk.
We head home tomorrow (Saturday), flying to Nairobi, Amsterdam, and then on to San Francisco. It is another long journey, but the memories seem to make it shorter. Thanks for praying and supporting this ministry. There is still much to do.
I, who have been blessed, send my blessings to you,


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Apr  13th,  2011Update 3

Hi Everyone, 

We have finished day 3 in our study on the Life of Christ. Yesterday went well. I taught on Christ's temptations and Derrick taught on Jesus' encounters with people in John 2-4. It was exciting to see all the pastors listen with such intensity. We had church meetings in the late afternoon where Derrick and Steve taught in churches, Steve here in Gitega and Derrick in a village not far away. It was a great time of teaching. 

Today we continued our exposition of the Life of Christ and I focused on the Sermon on the Mount. I spent time explaining these rich texts. The discussion exploded at the end of the session. Everyone began discussing what we covered as if they had been plugged into a new energy source. It was so exciting to see the freedom of their discussion and see how we are becoming a solid pastoral corps dedicated to the Word of God. Pastor Charles was elated with the students' responses and desire for discussion. He is very pleased with their desire for training. This shows we are making progress. Many have told me personally how these training courses have helped them in their churches and ministry. Please keep praying. 

Derrick taught through the Parables of the Kingdom and he got many questions, indicating the need for explanation of the Bible. He did a great job explaining them. Steve taught again on Prayer from Matt. 7:7ff and the pastors were equally responsive. There is such a need for practical material as well and so in the future we will need pastors who can offer practical materials on the church. Continue to pray! We have two more intensive days to go! 


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Apr  12th,  2011Second Update

Hi Everyone,

Well, we have finished two days since the last email. Here's some details. 

Sunday: a tiring day. church service was 3 1/2 hours, lots of lively singing, three messages with translation, and a lot of fun! Africans sure know how to keep the service lively. It was a good time, but by the end of the day jet lag was catching up to us. None of us slept well on Sunday night. Then came...

Monday: first day of teaching. Great time. I wasn't sure how it would go. I taught the first 3 1/3 hour session in the morning. Can you imagine teaching on the "pre-existence," the "virginal conception," and the "incarnation of Christ?" I don't think I have ever seen such BIG, white eyes. But it went really well. I used a lot of illustrations to help them understand more (does anyone understand completely? NO.) And of course there was a tone of questions (like, "did Jesus ever get sick?"). Derrick taught on the life and ministry of John the Baptist and that went very well (Africans like stories about people) and Steve taught on prayer, which also went very well. That leaves four days left....

They will go fast. We have church meetings on Tuesday and Thursday night after the sessions. Friday we finish at 4 pm and call it a time (well) spent. We had some serious down pours today. Torrential! Meals haven't changed since I came the first time 18 months ago. It has been good to see everyone again. Many have shared testimonies of how the teachings have encouraged them and helped their churches. We are thankful for that.

Thank you for your prayers. Hopefully we will get a good night's sleep tonight and be acclimated by Wednesday (just in time almost to turn around and come back.

I'll be in touch,



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Apr  8th,  2011Hello From Burundi

Hi Everyone,

Well we made it to Burundi after 34 hours of travel! It is always a long trip but it was good to see people you know when you arrive. We left on Thursday morning at 7:30 am from my house and arrived at 2 am on Saturday morning, Burundi time (9 hours time zone difference). We got some sleep and a good breakfast before taking the 2 1/2 hour car ride out to Gitega. But now we are here for the next 7 days.

It is the rainy season and everything is very lush and green. It has rained quite a lot since we have been here with big down bursts. Humidity in Bujumbura (the capital) is more than here in Gitega. We are smack in the middle of the country and at a higher elevation than at the capital, less humidity and less mosquitoes.

We have had some very good echos about the last teaching session and how it has changed the pastors perspective on teaching the Word of God. My assistant, Bolivard, told me he was read almost the entire New Testament since our last class in January. Pastor Charles has shared a few testimonies of how other pastors are stepping up and being more straightforward and bold in teaching the Bible. He has said that the people  told him how much they enjoy hearing the Bible taught.

This class is on the Life of Christ, in other words, the 4 Gospels. There is a lot to cover and we won't get to it all, but we have some strategic sections we are focusing on. I will try and keep you updated. Be praying for Derrick, Steve, and myself as we begin this week with church tomorrow and classes the following day. Thank you in advance for praying and supporting this work. It is truly making a difference here.


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