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Thirteen Questions to Assess If You Are Intellectually Humble

Sep. 26, 2014By: Darren CarlsonAuthor Bio

From Elizabeth Krumrei-Mancuso:

Even when you feel strongly about something, are you still aware that you could be wrong?

Do you trust that truth has nothing to fear from investigation?

When someone disagrees with your beliefs, do you view it as a personal attack? If so, why?

Think of a recent time you became defensive when someone disagreed with you. What may have been underlying your feelings in that moment?

Do you reserve the right to change your mind? Or do you feel weak or ashamed to change a strongly held opinion?

Is it difficult to respect people whose beliefs differ from your own?

What is a specific step you can take to better understand someone who disagrees with you on an important issue?

Do you feel insecure when others disagree with you?

Do you feel like you need to hide past errors in your thinking?

What would it take for you to feel more comfortable acknowledging to others when you’ve been wrong in your thinking?

Do you feel less worthy when you realize you’ve made a mistake in your thinking?

Do you approach others with the idea that you might have something to learn from them?

Are you open to learning new things every day? Even if it means changing previous ideas?

HT: Biola

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