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Trials Ordered By Infinite Love and Mercy

Mar. 27, 2013By: Evan Burns

In 1824, while Adoniram Judson was tortured in a Burmese prison for 21 months, his wife Ann cared for him.  And concurrently their little daughter Maria was ill.  The gravity of this tribulation nearly pushed the Judson family to the breaking point.  Recording the Judson’s submission to the sovereignty of God, Ann wrote:

Our dear little Maria was the greatest sufferer at this time, my illness depriving her of her usual nourishment, and neither a nurse nor a drop of milk could be procured in the village.  By making presents to the jailers, I obtained leave for Mr. Judson to come out of prison, and take the emaciated creature around the village, to beg a little nourishment from those mothers who had young children. Her cries in the night were heart-rending, when it was impossible to supply her wants.  I now began to think the very afflictions of Job had come upon me.  When in health, I could bear the various trials and vicissitudes through which I was called to pass. But to be confined with sickness, and unable to assist those who were so dear to me, when in distress, was almost too much for me to bear; and had it not been for the consolations of religion, and an assured conviction that every additional trial was ordered by infinite love and mercy, I must have sunk under my accumulated sufferings.[1]

[1]Francis Wayland, A Memoir of the Life and Labors of the Rev. Adoniram Judson, D.D., vol. 1, (Boston: Phillips, Samson, and Company, 1853), 361.  Also quoted in Eugene Myers Harrison Giants of the Missionary Trail (Chicago: Scripture Press Foundation, 1954), 73.

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Missionary Biographies

Mar. 5, 2013By: Evan Burns

Here is a great list of free ebooks of missionary biographies.  It includes biographies of missionaries such as: Brainerd, Carey, Chalmers, Geddie, Gilmour, Ginsburg, Grenfell, Judson, Livingstone, Mackay, Marsden, Moffat, Paton, Slessor, Taylor, and other collections.  Here also is another more extensive list of shorter biographies of many other great evangelical missionaries.  

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Seven Lessons from William Carey

Aug. 23, 2012By: Darren CarlsonAuthor Bio

Timothy George wrote a helpful article in honor of Carey’s 250th birthday.  The seven lessons he believes Carey can still teach us are on:

  1. The Sovereignty of God
  2. The Finality of Jesus Christ
  3. The Authority of Scripture
  4. Contextualization
  5. Holistic Mission
  6. Christian Unity
  7. Faithfulness
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A History of TLI in Five Minutes

Dec. 12, 2011By: Darren CarlsonAuthor Bio


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