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Suburbia Needs Jesus Too?

Apr. 7, 2015By: Darren CarlsonAuthor Bio


From Andrea Palpant, on the New Radical Movement:

Their vision has the potential to leave suburban moms looking like lazy Christians. It's driven by a stereotypically male way of thinking that often values the dramatic, over the mundane and loses sight of people who engage the greater good through the invisible
monotony of home-making, childrearing, and other unseen acts of service. Men and women alike pine to make an impact—it's human nature at its best and the imago Dei at work in us—but by virtue of child-bearing biology and traditional ties to the domestic economy, women have been forced to come to terms with the "mundane good" in a more systematic way than most men. (That's changing, of course, with shifting roles in the home.) But no one gets medals or wall plaques for practicing the mundane good. By New Radical standards, we moms aren't Christian enough unless we're serving at a soup kitchen in the inner city or adopting orphans from Ethiopia.

In my early 20s, I lived by this vision. I served the urban homeless, worked with welfare families, and volunteered with orphans in the slums of Nairobi. I beat my fists against my chest in a spiritual war cry for global justice and swore never to set foot in the insular space of suburbia. Nominal, consumer Christians lived in suburbia, I thought. Real Christians were out on the frontlines fighting for great causes. Then I got married, had kids, and settled down in a cookie-cutter neighborhood of Austin, Texas, where I found myself forced to rethink what it meant to follow Christ and serve humanity in the context of the suburbs.

You many not agree with all of it, but you should still read the rest here.

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How False Teaching Hurts People

Feb. 19, 2015By: Darren CarlsonAuthor Bio

I walked into the hospital knowing the person I was about to visit was going to die that day.  Her Book-Main-New1c3bd9b825family had gathered and had asked me to come one last time.  She was almost 80 and the cancer had finally destroyed her body.  I only knew her when she had cancer, but she was always such a strong woman, rarely showing any signs of the chemotherapy that was killing her and holding off the cancer.

But there I was, her pastor, to pray and once again entrust her to Christ.

When I walked in her body was shutting down.  It would only be a matter of hours.  When I saw her she smiled and asked, "Pastor, can you bring the anointing oil and pray for my healing."  At the end of her life, she was questioning God's love for her.  How could God allow this to happen? She had enough faith.  God should heal her.

And so at the end of this dear sister’s life, she was questioning and even doubting God's love her.  She had been sold and fully bought a kind of teaching that obscures the cross of Christ.  He had purchased this moment for her on a cross and had set His love on her for all eternity.  Her theology just would not let her see her Savior. 

I am sure that after she closed her eyes for the last time she opened them again to experience the love of God in ways we do not. It was just a terrible way to live and die. 

I'm sure that after she closed her eyes, she opened them to experience the love of God in ways we do not  - Tweet this 

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