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Missions 101

Come to Number One

Apr. 21, 2015By: Dave DeuelAuthor Bio


Darren recently posted George Barna’s poll results for the most Post Christian Cities in the United States. I am writing to you from the center of the number one region in upstate New York inviting you to prayerfully consider joining us. 

What about the difficulties? Yes, many of the cults and mutations of Evangelical Christianity started here. Yes, the work here can be very challenging. Yes, pastors and their families get discouraged like they do anywhere else. But the Lord is doing so many good things in this region. Closed churches are reopening. Dedicated pastors are planting new churches. Spiritually famished people are hearing the Gospel for the very first time and responding. Christians who have never been vocal about their faith before are speaking up and sharing Christ with their families, friends and neighbors. Crucially, pastors and their families are growing spiritually through the difficulties.

Yes, it is challenging in the number one Post Christian region. But the blessings are great! And Christians here tend to know where they stand. Doesn’t the light always shine brightest in the darkness? So, please prayerfully consider joining us in doing the Lord’s work in the number one Post-Christian region in the United States. By any standard, you will be joining some incredibly dedicated pastors and their families. There is no confusion about what we need to do. And there is comparatively little luke-warmness among believers here. Come join us. 

Dave Deuel, Academic Director of The Master’s Academy International (TMAI, Santa Clarita, CA) and Director of International Academic Studies for The Christian Institute on Disability (CID, Agoura Hills, CA) focuses his ministry interests on assisting others to start and develop ministries, particularly ministry training schools, primarily outside the USA.

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