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Treasuring Christ this Christmas

Dec. 18, 2012By: Kristie Burns

How can we treasure Christ this Christmas?  Here are a few practical ideas.

1)   Repent.

Repent of your Christlessness this Christmas season.  Repent of your uncanny propensity to be preoccupied with everything else on your to-do list but the treasuring of Jesus Christ above all else. 

2)   Look to Christ.

Look to Christ in worship.  When you play those Christmas songs in the background or when you hear them on the radio or while you are shopping, think on the words, and as long as you’re not in in a store, belt those tunes out to the Living God.  Worship Him.  Sing to Him.  Dwell on the theology of the words we sing.  

Look to Christ in prayer.  Transform the sentimentalism of Christmas to prayer.  Every time you are awed by a house beautifully decorated for Christmas… or repulsed by a lawn filled with countless inflatables… let it draw you to pray.  Praise God that the good news of Christmas is so beautiful that we attempt to beautify our homes.  Pray for the souls of the people whose lawn is hidden beneath inflatables, that the good news of Christmas would triumph in their hearts.  When you drink that peppermint mocha, praise God that He gave Christ so you wouldn’t have to drink the bitter cup of death.  When you see that impeccably wrapped present you can’t stand to unwrap, praise God that He gave the most perfect offering in the gift of His righteous Son.

Look to Christ as you read your Bible.  Don’t just take a break from the book of Life.  Re-read the gospels.  Read slowly over each of the scenes in the gospel that account for the birth of Christ.  Look up the Old Testament prophesies about the coming of Christ and see how they are fulfilled in the New Testament. 

3)   Share the good news. 

Think of one person in your life who doesn’t know the gospel and ask the Lord how you can get out of your little world—your family and friends and celebrations--and somehow demonstrate radical gospel love to that person.  It could be as simple as a hand-written Christmas card sharing your testimony about Christ and inviting them to come to church with you.  It could be as radical as calling them up and asking them out for coffee because you want to confess that you haven’t ever shared with them the best news in the whole world. 

4)   Evaluate your Christmas traditions.

Have you ever stopped to ask yourself why you do what you do?  Should you even do what you do?  If your pre-Christmas traditions and preparations were to be evaluated by an unbeliever, would they see or hear the good news of the gospel?  Take time to think about your family traditions.  Read up on the history of some of the traditions and know why you do them so you can explain the Christ-honoring significance to your children. 

Whatever you do this Christmas, treasure Christ above all else.  He is everything.  In everything, may He have the pre-eminence.

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