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Missions 101

Flight and Prayer in Egypt

Nov. 14, 2012By: Michael Littell

The Story of Amsula*, the Man of God from Sudan (Part 3)

*Pseudonym due to the sensivity of his situation.

Amsula fled to Egypt with many others. Later he would have to leave there, too, and move north again. “When I was in Egypt,” he said, “I pray with many people and everything is happen for them. Miracles. So I want this something to happen in my family, in my father. For all of us were now Christians, even my mother was Christian, but not my father. When I left Sudan in 2000 he is still Muslim.”

“A very long time, seven years I pray for him in Egypt,” said Amsula. “And when my father come to die in 2007, he said, ‘I want to be baptized.’ And then he give advice for my other brothers: ‘You are in the way of the truth, do not leave it. Now I want to get baptized because I’m going to leave.’ So he get baptized, and he give this advice for everyone, and after that he go.” Amsula paused.

“So he become Christian lastly, and all of us we are saved in Christ, and it make me very happy. I stay in Egypt eight years and I left there from Egypt to here.”

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